Bump Day. 30 weeks down.

You can see the bump if you look real close, hidden in a very halloweeny sea of black. This week really marks a milestone. Three quarters of the way there, only ten weeks (or there abouts) until we meet our baby. OUR baby!!

Today part of the pram arrived and next week we’re going to get the cot. It’s all coming together. And only 6 weeks left at work now too. I’m sure seven months have never gone so quickly.

Apparently the baby is now around 39cm long, has eyebrows and can flutter its eyelashes. Plus, as it’s growing so much, I’ll be able to feel every movement. Well, that’s certainly true. The phrase ‘Jumping Bean’ just doesn’t seem to do it justice any more.

Tonight the belly was partaking in its first round of trick or treating. Thankfully the rain held off and plenty of sweets and chocolates were consumed, and not all by me. Although mostly, I must admit.



Labels, stickers and Japanese washi tape. Things I’m currently obsessed with. Just like this lady and this lady, by the looks of it. Our walls are soon going to get hit up by the random postcards, notelets and Instax pictures that have been collecting in piles around the house, so I'm thinking these are necessary purchases. To go with the other rolls I may have already bought. Simple things please simple minds….

All from here



Today did not start well. After a poo night’s sleep, waking up at 5.30am and not being able to drift off again it was inevitable. Work has been manic this week with more features one person can write, two Christmas magazines to complete and interviews for my maternity replacement to prepare for. Then, on top of all that, is there anything more annoying than people bugging you unnecessarily when you already have too much to do? I think not.

By 10am I had emailed B feeling sorry for myself and moaning about how today was going to be a shitty day. He sent me this in reply…

Hey n,

Today will be a good day for the following reasons:

1. I love you more today than yesterday (but not as much as tomorrow)

2. You have an awesome little one safely tucked away in your belly to keep you company and cheer you up with crazy movements

3. You finish work in a little over a month

4. We're halfway through the week

5. We can have more stir fry tonight - hell yeah!

6. You look super hot in today's outfit (although you do everyday)

7. It's not long until Christmas

8. It's not too long until we're home having a relaxing evening

9. You're awesome

10. At the end of the day it's only work

11. I love you


B makes every day a good day because of things like this. It’s all you need to pick you up, make you smile and focus your mind on the things that matter. And it's his way with words, simple and direct yet full of depth and meaning, that I know will give me such strength when our baby decides it's time to start it's journey into the world. I figured that made it worth sharing.



Bump day. 29 weeks down.

This week we've been snuggled indoors, away from the freezing wind that has descended upon us. Pottering about the house, eating yummy food and watching this belly of mine jump around. It may sound boring to some (and over the last couple of weeks has provided little blog inspiration) but actually it's been rather lovely. I'm getting used to listening to my body now, so I'm slowing down and nesting in for the winter that's going to change our lives forever. Savouring these moments of just the two of us while at the same time counting the days until we become three with giddy excitement.

In some ways it seems like we still have so much to do and prepare for before our little one arrives. But ultimately we know we can never be fully prepared or completely ready, so we're letting things get done when they get done, knowing that it will all come together in time.

We're just chillin'.



Hello! Sorry for the lack of posts round these parts this week, it's been a hectic one. Plus now it's getting dark at 5pm, taking nice bright pictures when I get home from work is problematic to say the least. The temperature also seems to have plummeted to -8 degrees overnight (ok, maybe a slight exaggeration) so autumn has well and truly arrived. Today I even wore my winter coat for the first time. Unsurprisingly it was a little more snug than last year...

Hours have also spent knitting away on a very exciting project this week. One that I anticipate to fill the next month or so. It's only fuelled my passion for making Happy Circus my full time job once I become a Mama and I hope marks the beginning of a whole new stage of this little homemade business. Before Christmas a lot will be happening with my Etsy shop so make sure you stay tuned.

Now, I'm off to my work station (aka my bed) to settle down to some knitting time and re-runs of Kirstie's Homemade Christmas.

Those last three pictures? Of this insanely gorgeous family all wearing custom Happy Circus bows, taken by this truly awesome photographer. Oh to have tonnes of money and be able to fly him over here for a photo session.



Bump Day. 28 weeks down.

Today’s Bump Day is a biggy for a whole number of reasons. Firstly, we’re now at seven months and officially in our third trimester which means the countdown is really on. We also had our 28 week midwife appointment, which involved my least favourite thing…needles. Still I was awfully brave and had my blood test and a flu jab with no qualms whatsoever. Check me out. Apparently Baby’s head is up and feet are down, which makes my constant need for a wee understandable; this little monkey is apparently dancing on my bladder all day long. We also chatted with our brilliant, awesome midwife about the local birthing centre and what a lovely place it is; a home away from home apparently. Something that sounds perfect to us and exactly what we’re looking for. I’m booking a tour tomorrow.

And finally, to top of this pretty cool day, October 17 is also our 11 year anniversary. That’s why Papa got involved in today’s bump picture action. I have to say these are some of my favourites. Things are always so much more fun when B’s around.

Who’d have thought 11 years ago that we’d be married and off to our 7 month midwife appointment, waiting for the birth of our first baby. Life is crazy wonderful sometimes.



Back in August, when we weren’t soaking up the sun in St Ives, hours were spent around the table in our little Cornish cottage colouring with these two monkeys. Some amazing artwork was created let me tell you, and then and there B and I decided that a piece by our beautiful nephews was a must for the nursery. Of course there needed to be a bit of planning involved, otherwise it would turn out as a Transformer shooting fire out of a laser (see Ty's picture currently stuck on our fridge). So thanks to an article in an old issue of Frankie (cheers again Bianca) we were inspired to come up with a collage of sorts.

Flip to this afternoon and chaos with the colouring pencils had broken out. We all had so much fun. Those boys are imaginative and hilarious. What a lucky baby ours is to have such cousins. I reckon they’ll all be pretty good buddies.



Tonight it’s just me and the bump, while B’s out on the town for a team meal with his work buddies.

So I’ll be watching
this beautiful, amazing movie (girl crush on Sofia Coppola. I heart her)…

While eating these…

And carrying on with this blanket…

And then tomorrow is Friday. How blissful.



So. Nursery Inspiration. I think this post could have easily had eight thousand images in, but I’ve saved your finger from all that scrolling and cut it down to this lot. There are a whole heap more in a folder on my desktop.

Right now I have so many ideas rattling around in my head it’s hard to decide which will work well together. We want this to be a space we all love being in; spending time in as a new family. Nothing too matchy matchy (obviously…wait ‘til you see the rest of our house) and somewhere bright and colourful. With the perfect sprinkling of handmade, vintage and second hand treats.

Now I can’t wait to get started. Because at the moment, this is how the room is looking….

PICTURES: source 1; source 2; source 3; source 4; picture 5: source unknown; sources 6&7; source 8



Bump Day. 27 weeks down.

Today my sister and I hit some local charity shops on the search for some bargains to add to our homes. I scored a porcelain rabbit, a couple of Enid Blyton books from the mid-60s and a Fisher Price house that it turns out both B and I had when we were kids, all for the nursery. Oh, and a little something for the cutest baby in all of blogland.

I've been searching everywhere for nursery inspiration recently, and there's plenty out there to be had. I can't wait to start styling up that little nook of our house, ready for the day we bring this little one home.



Today is my boy's birthday. 28 and the biggest fitty I know. Plus the dude is charming and hilarious and kind, and has the most beautiful of souls. Every day I love him more, and every day I count my blessings that I have him in my life.

Happy Birthday my love xx

ps. Blurry pictures taken by people who could grab the camera while I was serving chilli, lighting candles and generally getting distracted. They kind of highlight the craziness of family birthdays round these parts though.

pps. Check it out Kellie - thanks to you and Woman's Weekly for that chocolate finger inspiration. People were impressed.



It’s been go go go on the house front. With B’s birthday on Sunday and a little birthday lunch going down, we’ve been trying to get the last bits done round our home. To be fair, we’ve done a bloody good job in the last week, but there’s still a few things to get finished.

Alongside all this interior beautifying, has been plenty of sewing machine action. New pillows for the sofa and a few for the baby’s room too. The one with the pompoms was constructed using an old fabric remnant found in the shop also known as my Grandparent’s house and a piece of vintage yellow velvet I uncovered in this place. No matter what it is, if it’s that shade of yellow, it’s mine. I’m obsessed with that colour right now. I also finished this little quilt for Baby a few weeks back, with some help from my Mum on the binding front. She of far superior ability made those corners a lot neater than I ever could.

So what next? I’ve had a few Happy Circus orders come through, but those have all been finished off so I need something else to occupy sofa time now the dark nights have set in by 7.30pm. I’m tempted to order this Donna Wilson book and give a few of these creatures a go. I know a few kids who could look after a critter like this pretty well, and I’d love to see Baby cuddling something I made. Plus it’d be a mate for Old Stripey Head.

And then there’s this cushion from Cath Kidston's Stitch book. I love the Lucky Boy Sunday pillows, but they’re a little out of our price range right now, and I figure a handmade version like this is always better. For the bank balance and the World. So I’m off to scour the internet for the right supplies and choose my colours. And try to track down some bottle green velvet for the backing. Anyone have any scraps matching that description lying around, you know where to send them….

ps. Happy Birthday Charlie...have the most awesome of days tomorrow little brother x