Last night we met this beautiful little one. Amelia is the teeniest, most lovely baby girl I’ve ever seen and we’re both besotted with her. And to see Em and Gary so happy is the most wonderful thing. I can’t wait to see her again next week for another little squeeze.

And so I'm signing off for a few days. Thank you so much for all your lovely comments over the last 6 months, I love to read every single one. I can't wait to see what 2011 has to bring, but I think it's going to be the best yet.

From our home to yours, we're sending lots of Christmas happiness and love xxx



It was a very white Christmas with my Dad on Sunday, complete with snowball fights and a snowman.

And the search for the perfect black brogue is over. My Dad bought me these while he was in LA a few weeks ago and I love them. They’re my new favourites.

Thank you Papa and Dee for a lovely day and awesome presents. We hope you both have the happiest of Christmas’ and most brilliant of New Years xx



It's been a crazy week.

1. On Tuesday my best friend's waters broke almost a month early. This morning (yup, 4 days later) she gave birth to our beautiful God daughter Amelia. The newest member of our family. Congratulations Em and Gary. You guys are the best and we love you lots.

2. It's snowed. Again. These are some shots from our front door and one of our neighbour's pretty Christmas wreath. The snow makes everything so festive. And has led to many renditions of Let It Snow.

3. It's been Christmas madness at work. Christmas meal on Thursday and then last night the work Christmas party. Very fun indeed with lots of dancing and maybe a couple of cocktails. The night ended with a group of us stranded at the venue, in the snow, in heels for about an hour after the party finished. Note to self: next time book a taxi more than 5 minutes before you want to leave.

4. My new camera got caught up in all the snow and won't arrive now until Tuesday. Bummer.

With such events unfolding I've been left in a funny old mood. Christmas is less than a week away and my best friend now has a daughter. It's all rather surreal. Awesomely fantastic, but surreal all the same. Such a huge change for the New Year. I wonder what else 2011 will offer up. One thing's for sure. It's now going to involve lots of girly shopping trips and pretty baby dresses. I can't wait.



This weekend the festive fun really began when some of our most favourite people came and stayed for the weekend. We mostly sat around eating and drinking and catching up but did also squeeze in some shopping in the Christmas markets. The laughter was plentiful. We also briefly met up with my grandparents and exchanged some presents. Very lovely indeed.

So now the busy times really begin. This week I have another work Christmas meal, my work Christmas party and our little Christmas dinner with our best friends. Then on Sunday it’s our Christmas Day with my Dad. Turkey with all the trimmings, Christmas presents and board games. The whole schbang.

Side Note: the only good thing about having divorced parents? Two Christmas Day’s and two birthdays. It’s definitely a bonus.

ps. today I ordered the camera. The saving paid off and it’s on it’s way to it’s new home with us. These are my last photos with a dying camera. Rest in Peace little Kodak. You served us well.



This week has been both good (Christmas decorating and seeing my Dad’s play) and bad. On Tuesday I tripped up our front door step and busted the knee I dislocated a few years ago. The nurse (yup, I had to see a nurse) gave me a whole bunch of ice packs, bandaged it up for support and told me to rest for 2 days. It’s still feeling pretty crappy but no way was I missing my Christmas meal today so I headed back to work. And it was totally worth it.

So this week, I’m doing something a little different to my usual Friday’s Things to Smile About. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about 2011 and what it might hold. I’ve been inspired by the oh-so-cool Elsie over at A Beautiful Mess and her 28 before 29 birthday list, so have written a list of everything I’d like to try and achieve over the next year. My 10 for 2011. I figure that if I write a nice long list I’m bound to achieve a couple.

Some of these will be easy. Some will take a bit more work (or guts, when it comes to the haircut). But I like to have something to aim for.



Our living room is now bursting with Christmas goodness. The paper chains are up, some impressive snowflakes have been made and the Christmas tree is glistening in the corner with plenty of presents stacked underneath it. I’m so excited I can barely keep by bottom on the chair as I type.

The weekend was a manic one (as per my list last week) but I got everything done that I hoped to. The quilt got finished and given to my best friend as a surprise at her baby shower on Sunday and she loved it. Annoyingly though it was such a close call getting it finished I forgot to take a picture. I’ll have to get Em to take some and send them over.

Luckily the print deadline for business-related things has been moved so the logo doesn’t have to be done until the end of the week. This is good as I am a fussy little bunny and my sis hasn’t quite finished it. The next couple of days involve lots of knitting and tidying up, but it all seems pretty achievable now. What a relief.



Umm, how is it Friday already? Crazy times.

Things to smile about this week:

1. Decorating our house for Christmas this weekend. I’ll post some pictures next week of our vintage decorations. They were a genius find on eBay about 3 years ago. Tomorrow we’re putting up the paper chains (a tricky task when your ceilings are about 10 feet tall) so tonight I’m getting busy with the paper cutter and stapler. Bring it on.

2. My vintage tablecloth. B hates it. I love it. But if everyone thought the same, the world would be pretty boring. As a compromise I’ve told B that I’ll only use it when he’s not in the house. Yeah right.

3. Talking with my nephews on the phone this afternoon. Tyler told me that he went ice skating today and that he was doing a solo song and dance in his nativity play next week. I know for certain these are rather major exaggerations of the truth, but I’m loving his story telling skills. Coby got over excited telling me about his walk in the snow and eating the chocolates from his advent calendar.

4. This little wooden box from a charity shop. I also scored another amazing find, but that’s for a certain boy for Christmas so will remain a secret for now.

5. There’s only 11 more days to go until I can finally order my new camera. A Canon 500D. I’m too friggin’ excited.



Sometimes I have things that I keep meaning to do, but just never seem to get ticked of the list (oh, how I love a good list). One of them is printing our photos and putting them in albums. I did it about 18 months ago and ne'er was it done again.

We got a really awesome album as a wedding present and i've been meaning to fill it. Finally, on Friday, I ordered the prints. And today they arrived. Hoorah. How I love to get parcels. So now there are pictures everywhere and a stack of albums waiting eagerly to finally get the opportunity to do their job.

Now I just need to find the time to do that. Not quite sure when though. This is a rough idea of the next 10 days.
Finish quilt before Saturday
Make paper chains
Have a serious sort out of the living room
Decorate house for Christmas
Wrap presents
Knit, knit, knit
Special gathering on Sunday
Finish logo designs for my business by Monday
Work, work, work
Seeing the first night of my Dad's latest play on Thursday
Christmas meal at work
Have a cup of tea with my Grandparents while they're up here visiting
Welcome some of the most awesome buddies who arrive next Friday for a weekend of fun (hence early Christmas decorating and major tidy up)

Blimey. That list is even longer than I thought.