Some pictures from our trip to the circus on Sunday. It was weird and wonderful in a way that only the circus can be, and the boys adored it. Of particular note was the candy floss that was as big as them, the dancers who limbo’d under sticks of fire and the guy doing crazy tricks on a mini bike.

When we came out, they were full of beans and hard to keep still. Coby proclaimed it was the most funnest day ever and my sister’s boyfriend Andy decided he wanted to run away and join the circus. And then cart-wheeled his way around the park while B chucked the boys here, there and everywhere so they could pretend they were on the trapeze. Possibly not the best idea when you’ve just eaten your body weight in pink sugar.

ps. I had to include these last two pictures…a great example of my sister’s influence. Ha!



Bump Day. 25 weeks down.

Today we had a midwife appointment and all is looking well. The bump is growing nicely, Baby’s heart beat is as strong as ever and all test results came back fine and dandy. It all leaves me feeling rather proud of how well I’m doing, baking this little bun of ours. Turns out I’m pretty good at cooking things after all. Who knew?

And thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post. My back is now fine, the legs have stopped aching and it looks like I’m going to be given a parking permit so I can drive to work plus the washing machine is now working. Funny how things can go from bad to good in the blink of an eye. And Jodi, I’m using your advice as a little mantra this week.

Slowly, slowly. Take your time, don’t rush.

Something I’ll remember as I walk from here to there and also as I walk through this amazing adventure. I want to savour every kick, every moment together and each time B whispers something to this belly of mine. Sharing such a journey will only make the arrival of Baby all the more amazing.



Some weeks are full of good things and some full of bad (well, a bit poo at least). This week was a mixed bag.

Bad things this week:
  • Our four month old washing machine broke.
  • The engineer isn't calling me until Monday to book a time to come look at it, so who knows when it will be fixed.
  • The washing basket lid no longer fits, it's bulging that much.
  • My lovely work colleague who was unselfishly giving me lifts home from work, and saving me a second half hour trek a day, has been off ill all week and I actually pulled my leg muscles from all the walking.
  • On Tuesday I slipped on a paving slab in the rain and pulled my back horribly. Rain sucks.
Good things this week (because it's always better to end on a positive note):
  • My Mum has a washing machine and is a part-time launderette in her spare time. For my sister mostly, but now also for us. Thanks Mum!
  • No washing = no ironing. Always a silver lining, right
  • The Baby's library is starting to grow, with the addition of this book.
  • Our local junk shop is a treasure trove complete with chest of drawers for the nursery (£5) and Ercol dining chairs (£4 each.)
  • Tomorrow we head to the circus with those little nephews of ours. They should feel quite at home with some crazy clowns.
  • Our eBay score of the month (an Ergo baby carrier, used once, bought for the grand sum of £50) arrived yesterday. B pranced about (no joke) with it on for ages. And then we got all sentimental about when the time comes that our little one is snoozing in there.
  • The Belly continues to grow and kick and bring plenty of smiles.
And that's all we need really. That makes it a good week.



Husbands who make your most favourite thing in the world (aka Victoria Sponge with buttercream and jam) with no prompting, are the most amazing of creatures and deserve plenty of lovin’. Just saying.



Bump Day. 24 weeks down. 6 months already.

The belly continues to grow, grow, grow. Last week, on the same day, a man in the sandwich shop exclaimed that I surely couldn't have too much longer to go while a lady at work, who I hadn't seen for months, couldn't believe I was 6 months gone, the bump was so neat and tiny. And when I saw my Dad he had forgotten over the course of lunch that I was even pregnant. But then that's my Dad. You can always count on him. I suppose every bump's different and that's the beauty of them. I've got to say, I think mine's baking away rather nicely so far.

New this week in the journey that is pregnancy, is heartburn. Savage, horrid heartburn. I've never suffered from it before, so it's a lovely treat. Not. It's times like these that the old wives tales start coming out. Apparently this means the baby will have lots of hair. We'll see.

6 months seems like a real milestone to us. Not too much longer until we meet you little one. And we're so blasted excited about that.



Some rather lovely things that are making me a happy bunny today and cheering up the day. Sometimes it’s the little things that make the day a little brighter. Something I’ve noticed more and more recently. Maybe it’s the little hands and feet knocking me in the belly that remind me the best things always come in small packages.

Firstly is this beautiful book. I saw a copy in a store in town and had to grab it. It’s basically how I want our house to be. Plus it’s written by Emily Chalmers, the owner of Caravan. Such a cool shop. The gal knows what she’s talking about.

Next is this awesome package from Kelly. The magnetic buttons are making their way to the fridge right now and I’m trying to decide whether to use the card and label or just keep them for myself. Thank you lovely Kelly.

A few days ago I got a message from Hinke, letting me know she was showcasing some of my Happy Circus booties on her blog. I was so happy to receive such a note, as it led me back to House of Hink. A beautiful blog from another corner of the world. Go check it out.

Another bundle of treats from the knitting machine that is my Mum, including these dungarees which are up there with my favourite pieces for the baby. And she made the pattern up as she went along. We’re building some ideas for her additions to Happy Circus and I think these have made the grade.

And this brilliant card, drawn by my sister and sent to us from her crazy rattakins to say thank you for the new cage B grabbed off the forums at work for a bargain price. Apparently Bette, Diane and Goldie are loving the extension to their home. Name explanation? Dora and I love the movie First Wives Club.

Oh, and thank you for the brilliant comments on our nappy quandary. It was so good to read some first-hand reviews and find out what works and what doesn’t. What fabulously helpful readers I have. Don’t go anywhere…your services may be required again.



Bump Day. 23 weeks down.

This is the view I now have when I look down. My feet are slowly disappearing. Plus I think my belly button's about to pop, which is actually kinda cool.

It's been a busy old week on the baby front. Parcels arriving from all over the place, kicks-a-plenty and we even went and found the pram and cot we want. Which involved a trip to the insane place that is Ikea. Still, we survived it and bought some mini Dime Bars to munch on the way home. It's impossible go to that place without grabbing a bag - it's a rule in my book.

I can't believe we're almost at the 6 month mark, and less than 3 months left of work to go now too. Crazy times people.



So, like I say, we’ve been getting down to the knitty gritty of what we need for when Baby arrives, trying to sort through what is essential for us and what is just unnecessary crap the industry is making us think we need.

Ha! That’s B talking right there. And while I totally agree, it’s a subject that he feels particularly strongly about. Along with poor customer service (see the encounter with the rubbish Manager of the tech store we bought our new DVD player at the other day) and the current moving and shaking of specific drug laws. The boy loves to talk very loudly about things that have pissed him off whilst standing very clearly in earshot of the person in question. I have been known to scarper during such events. Just back away slowly and leave him to it. He’s passionate, what can I say!

Anyway, back to the point. We’re now armed with a list that includes everything but books and clothes. Because books you can never have too many of and clothes have been coming in left, right and centre already and my Mum’s still on her knitting frenzy. Over the last few days I’ve been hitting the smaller things on the list hard and the bump is now the proud owner of all the above. Apart from the Pleasantly Plump booties. I’m still undecided on which colour to choose this design in. Brown, mustard, green. It’s too hard. I know I make booties too, but I’ve loved Meghan’s since the moment I saw them and I think a pair will have to find their way into the bub’s wardrobe.

So now we get the fun of lots of parcels arriving, guilt-free, packed with goodies. Next big decision? What pram to choose and which re-useable nappy to go for. Which is one hell of a tough decision. Seriously, if you’ve used a brand you love please please PLEASE let us know. We’re currently lost in a world of pattern versus plain, popper versus Velcro, pocket versus all-in-ones. Con-fus-ing.

Things for The Bump: Part One
1. Blue cloud foldable changing mat, because it was the most awesome one we saw.
2. Bamboo swaddling clothes for wiggly babies and snuggly times
3. Donna Wilson’s Old Stripey Head. It was a tough decision between green and red but B loved Red’s expression most. And Kerry I’m totally blaming you and the introduction to Hello Bubba for that purchase.
4. Too cool for school bandana bibs. So many colours and patterns, too little time. I managed to get it down to 4 in the end.
5. A Dover and Madden knitted dimple hat. Because ever since I saw this little bear wearing hers, I knew I’d have to have one when the time came.
6. Pleaseantly Plump’s t-strap booties. My favourite design, but who knows what colour to choose? Green, yellow, brown, grey…



Bump Day. 22 weeks down.

Autumn has arrived, with brown leaves scattered across the ground and rain drops falling on our heads. With this changing of the seasons, the bambino's arrival really seems closer and we've been meandering our way through what baby paraphernalia we want to buy while Baby has been kicking away more and more, getting stronger every day.

We've really settled into this amazing journey now, and as the belly grows so does the realisation that in a few months time two becomes three. And we're very happy about that.



We’re currently in the middle of some serious picture hanging. That’s right people. 4 months after we moved in we’re finally getting the last bits sorted, the last boxes unpacked. I’m on a mission.

While our house isn’t quite ready to be photographed, I thought I’d give you a glimpse into my grandparent’s house. I took these when we were in Cornwall because it’s always been such an inspirational place. Overlooking Lands End, their cottage is rammed with treasures. Seriously, it’s like walking through the best antique shop ever. I could happily steal so much.

My Grandma’s interior taste has rubbed off on my sister and me greatly since we were kiddos, when we spent many weekends there playing with everything. That’s what I love the most – my Grandma always views these treasures as pieces to be used. We were never told to not touch and bits were never moved out of reach. We always knew to be careful and to take care of these beautiful trinkets, but there were there to enjoy as they should be. From vintage clothes when we were dressing up and linen textiles on the table and bed, to the antique settle that would be our horse and cart or the Victorian high chair we were all sat in.

This is something I really want to emulate when our own bambino arrives. Our house is full of trinkets too and while I’m not naive enough to believe a crawling toddler may not grab this or that, we won’t be changing the way we live or decorate. Our baby will learn to touch and play gently, to enjoy these things as we did, and I will learn to let that happen and not be scared of breakages. Well, that’s the plan anyway. Get back to me in a year and we’ll see how well that one’s working out...

Oh, and a big hoorah for reaching 120 followers. Hello newbies and welcome. It’s lovely to have you all here xx