And then there were three ...



I seem to be making my way quite steadily through my 10 for 2011 list, and today I’m pretty chuffed to be ticking off another one. A good thing really as we’re now almost halfway through the year. OK, so I should have finished this one months ago (it was started back in January) but knitting and other things got in the way.

I have a bit of a thing for samplers. My Grandma’s house is full of Victorian ones that I’ve always loved and I made numerous ones for her when I was younger. I really wanted one to hang in our own home, to signify our marriage, and I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out. I took aspects from numerous books I’ve found in charity shops over the years and added my own random bits here and there. I love the bright colours against the cloth I tea-stained, and the free Love pattern I found on an awesome site I’ve now lost the link to (darn it).

But the thing I’m most pleased with? It looks as neat on the back as it does on the front. Well, mostly. Something my Grandma will be very proud of.

ps. tune in tomorrow for some exciting news...



When we moved into our new flat, B went exploring in the basement almost straight away. Because, for some reason, that's what boys do. Right? Luckily the boy did good and found two awesome old deckchair frames that were exactly what this Mr and Mrs were on the hunt for. After scouring eBay (always dangerous) I found some classic stripey canvas for about five quid a chair.

So today we spent the only sunshine of the week outside varnishing them and decking (geddit) them out in their new fabric.

High fives B for a darn marvellous revamp. Low fives me for a really terrible pun.

ps. Almost forgot. Happy Fathers Day Papa. Love you lots and see you soon xx



A couple of month’s ago the lovely Lucie contacted me asking if I’d be interested in having Happy Circus stocked in her packed-with-awesomeness French online store, Mèmè Ginette. Of course I jumped at the chance and today she’s launched the booties, hair bows and garlands she ordered. It’s so exciting to see my knitted goodies in such a cool store and I hope they fly off the shelves. A big thank you to Lucie for this brilliant opportunity.

ps. That’s another one to tick off
this list.



A parcel arrived yesterday from the always awesome Bianca. She picked up these magazines for me when she went home to Oz a few weeks ago and I’ve spent the day loving every page. So thanks bud for this lovely bundle. I’ll treat you to a slice of cake in July xx

And in other news, some recent charity shop finds that I’m rather pleased with. A pretty, pretty dress that’s perfect for the summer and some vintage pillow cases that will brighten up the bedroom. All for the grand sum of £9.



B went mushroom picking the other night and check out these beauties. Our first harvest. And damn good they were too.



Now the holiday surprise is out in the open, it’s all we’ve been talking about. Reminiscing about trips to St. Ives gone by and making plans for our holiday there in August.

My grandparent’s took my Dad and his sister’s there when they were kids too, and used to hang a towel out of the bedroom window of the house they stayed in each year so the kids knew it was time for lunch and to head home from the beach. How awesome is that? Then years later, when I was about 8, Grandma and Grandpa started taking my brother, sister and I every year too. We would always leave before dawn to miss the traffic, then stop on Dartmoor to see the wild horses and cook up some sausage sandwiches on the way.

When my Grandpa retired ten years ago, my grandparents made the move to Cornwall and now live about half an hour from St. Ives. Ever since, we’ve all traipsed down there with the addition of boyfriends and girlfriends, and eventually two teeny nephews.

For the whole family, going to St Ives is like going home. We know those cobbled streets like the back of our hands. New shops come and go, but the place never really changes. It’s the same today as it was when my Grandparent’s first took my Pa more than 40 years ago.

And this year, as we do every year, we’ll be packing the ingenious beach changing device my Grandma whipped up back in the 60s. This tubular towel has an elasticated hole in the top for your head and ensures you can whip off your swimming gear without an awkward exposè. Classic.

ps. that first picture is of my, my sis and bro on our first trip to St. Ives. I can't decide whose outfit I love the most!



So, I may be a little slow on the uptake here but have you visited Pip’s amazing blog Meet Me At Mikes? I found her site thanks to Charlotte’s post on this lovely blanket she made for her soon-to-be-born bubba and will be using the step-by-step guides to make my own blanket. That’s my challenge for the weekend. Learn to crochet. And I may have also ordered Pip’s book too. Oh, how I love a good craft book.

Apart from the crocheting it’s going to be a pretty lazy weekend in the sunshine. It was the hottest day of the year so far today apparently and I’m hoping that record will be beaten tomorrow. Have an awesome one people, whatever your plans xx