I can't believe how late I am in posting this. I mean, Coralie is now closer to three months than two, but better late than never...these photos were taken the day after she turned two months, so that's close enough :)

It's crazy that she is already that old, has already grown so much.

Our beautiful Coralie Joe is such a delight. Always smiling, always happy, always so calm and sweet. She coos and ooohhs and aaahhhhs at you, engaging you with her eyes and making you feel as though she really understands what you're saying to her. Ridiculously, she's started trying to pull herself up when she's lying down or sitting in her chair. I remember Josephine doing the same thing...clearly Coralie is just as desperate to get up and play with Phiney, as Phiney is for Coralie to jump up and join in with the games.

The love between these little sisters is the sweetest thing to behold. Gosh, they adore each other.

On holiday she dipped her toes in the sea and didn't even flinch (despite it being ice cold and causing me to shriek a little!) and when Josephine gets a little over excited in the bath and Coralie gets a face full of water, well she doesn't mind one bit. A true water baby.

Every day she looks more like me, and more like my Dad. It can take my breath away. She pulls the same expressions as him and sometimes, it's like he's here with me. It amazes and comforts me how much he lives on in my children. It makes me so proud. 

Boy oh boy Coralie, your Grandpa would have loved you. With your little quiff and funny faces and your ability to trump the loudest! You make us smile so much and we adore you.  


My darling girls,

We talk every day about your Grandpa, and the fun we all had when he was here with us; the things he loved doing and the person he was. But I want you to know about some of those moments after he died too. Moments you weren't there to see or will have been too small to remember. Because they're part of his legacy too, and they remind us of how he lives on in us all and in our memories. And they're so important to me.

I want to tell you about one beautiful July afternoon when we spread some of your Grandpa's ashes. It sounds a little morbid, I know. And in all honesty, I wasn't entirely sure what to expect myself as we prepared to do it that sunny day.

But, oh little ones, I wanteyou know that it was beautiful. A truly amazing, heartbreaking, heartmending, beautiful moment that I will never forget. And I'm so glad you were both there. Even though you were so small, and you watched from afar with Uncle Andy, and you won't remember it yourselves.

The pier in St Ives was such a lovely spot to stand, with Daddy and Auntie Dora, Uncle Charlie, Nanny and Grandma and Grandpa Ratty. The sun was so warm, the sky was so blue and the sea was luminous. My Papa would have loved it.

Grandpa's ashes were creamy white and like the crushed shingle you'd find on a beach. As I threw my handful into out over the edge of the pier, into the air and into the sea, and into the world and universe, I told him that we loved him.

And as I threw them they hovered in the air, caught on a gust of wind, and they shone and shimmered in the sunlight before floating up and down and all around.

I'm sure your Grandpa was with me in that moment, I know he was. He was stood beside us, giving us the strength to see the beauty in something so sad and unfair. 

My Daddy. He bought light and beauty to this world when he was alive, and he continues to do so now too.

He will forever and always shine his light on us all, my darlings. Never forget that.

I love you,
Mama xxx

HOLIDAY: st ives, 2014

Our holiday to St Ives in 2014 was a very special one, in so many ways. Happy and sad.

It's a place that I see my Dad everywhere I go; he went on holidays there with my Grandparents and aunties when they were kids, and he took us when we were younger. We have so many funny memories with him there. This year, we spread some of my Dad's ashes off the pier. Beautiful but so sad.

But there was also so much happiness. It was Coralie's first holiday, and wonderfully and magically, my sister and her boyfriend got engaged! We're beyond excited for them both - it's so lovely that it happened in such a special place.

With a two month old in tow, I'll admit I didn't take very many photos, but I snapped some lovely captures with my iPhone. Pictures I'll always treasure.

I can't wait to go back in 2015. Coralie will be old enough to run on the sand and play in the sea with Josephine, the wedding of the year will be just weeks away and, for the first time in a few years, my brother and his family are coming too. Roll on August...

1. Sleeping Coralie. Our sweet baby, on her first holiday.
2. Epic Mama-daughter sandcastle building!
3. Two months old, lying on the beach cover-up my Grandma made in the 60/70s when my Grandparents, Dad and aunties used to holiday in St Ives.
4. Beautiful girl, with her mermaid hair, enjoying a cream tea :)
5. Riding a vintage tractor with Daddy. One of the highlights of her holiday!
6. Post-beach snuggles, in the house we always stayed in when we used to come to St Ives with my Grandparents when we were children.
7. ENGAGED!! Happy, happy day :) :)
8. Daddy and a little pixie in the sunshine. The weather was amazing all holiday!
9. Would spend all her days paddling in the sea if she could.
10. Stood waiting for takeout, my sister and I watched this beautiful scene. It really is such a magical place. "I see the moon, the moon sees me, the moon sees the somebody I long to see."



"A portrait of my daughters, once a week every week in 2014".

Smiley happy people. The summer is flying by with these three.

I am so far behind with The 52 Project. I have photos for every week, but right now they're sat on my computer along with the 50,000 others I've taken over the last couple of months...including Coralie's 2 month portrait. And she's 3 months old the week after next! I will be catching up on a slew of posts over the next week though. I feel like I've got a bit of my blogging/photography mojo back and that the newborn haze is beginning to lift. So watch this space...

Taking part in Jodi's 52 Project.



I cannot tell you how much of an essential our Stokke Newborn Set for the Tripp Trapp has become since Coralie was born. It is most definitely our favourite piece for her.

The Tripp Trapp is a must-have for families across the world, in recent years especially, and you can see them in an array of beautiful colours in the kitchens of nearly all our friends. And it's easy to see why. With their stylish and contemporary yet classic design they fit well in every style of interiors, and with the ability to grow with your child the Tripp Trapp offers such great value for money.

The Newborn Set is a brilliant addition to this classic. This elevated seat allows Coralie to sit with us at the table and be part of family dinners, whilst keeping her at a safe height away from stray bouncy balls and the clumsiness of a two year old who insists on running, jumping or twirling around the house but at the same time allows for Josephine to interact with her. And I love the simple lines of the seat. No noisy plastic toys, just a removable arm that you can add your own cuddlies to. Sure the Lamaze toys are garish, but this octopus was a very welcome gift that right now Coralie adores.

From her perch, Coralie is entertained for ages just watching the world go by; especially with the antics of her busy, busy, busy big sister. Including plenty of toe tickling, of course.

This is a sponsored post. Thank you so much Stokke for this beautiful piece. A family heirloom in the making, for sure. One day our grandchildren will sit on that chair :)



1. At Nana's house with Bubbles, the rabbit.
2. Summertime feels like it's here, at last.
3. Feeding this tiny creature, while contemplating taking a nap myself.
4. Trying to figure out what to wear as a breastfeeding Mama!
5. Vintage cotton dresses, balmy summer days and sleeping babies. A match made in Mama heaven.
6. Two of my favourite photos in the world. Me and my Papa. Wishing with all my heart he was here today, to celebrate Father's Day with. You're the best Daddy, so cool and awesome and kind and funny. Missing you more than I can say, more each day. It's just too sad you're not here. I love you so much xxxx
7. To our boy, happy Father's Day! We all love you so much, you are our hero and we're thankful for you everyday x
8. Both smiling #kinda
9. These kiddos :) Coralie and Josephine are so lucky to have those boys in their lives, such wonderful friends from almost the day they were born.
10. How can this picture not make you smile?!