LITTLE MAMAS: part three

I know, I know...more pictures of the girls and their prams, but I just can't get enough of them. I think it's something about the way they play out there that really gets me. Indoors playing can sometimes be a little more fractious these days...Josephine sets up a game and Coralie 'investigates' (read: destroys!) and anything Coralie is playing with, Phiney instantly wants. I'm sure it's just a phase, but it can get a bit stressful for us all, so getting out in the winter sun and watching them play so happily together is lovely.

They walk together chatting away; Coralie following Josephine's lead and every move and Josephine so sweetly looking out for her baby sister.

My sister and I always loved playing with our dolls together, and it makes my Mama heart so happy to see my own girls doing just the same.

I made a little film too...



WEARING: cardigan handknitted by my Grandma (for Josephine when she was small) // vintage white linen French blouse // Coco & Wolf denim bloomers // La Coqueta tights // Clarks shoes

I adore this cardigan my Grandma knitted when Josephine was little - she's so on trend (and didn't have a clue what I was talking about when I said it was just like Misha and Puff!) The bloomers are an absolute stable whatever the season, and I'm so happy that this little vintage blouse finally fits Coralie.

I love dressing Coralie in Josephine's hand me downs, but I'm finding as she gets older that she's more suited to the bloomers and tops combo rather than the floral dresses that Phiney mostly wore when she was this age. Perhaps it's because it was high summer, but I love the differences between them as much as the similarities.

Another notable difference is Coralie's absolute dislike for hats and hair bows. She barely keeps anything on her head or in her hair for more that 10 seconds, so today she got a Mama hair cut and I cut her a fringe. She was starting to resemble a shaggy sheep dog so it was a must. And I have to say, it's damn cute. A picture to come soon, promise :)



A few weeks ago, our best friends moved back to Bath after a year living away, and we couldn't be happier about it. Impromptu trips to the park, hanging out with your buddies, can make even the most tiring and stressful mornings all better. These kiddos have know each other forever, and they really are such awesome buddies. Here's to mornings at an empty park, bikes and scooters, fallen leaves confetti, houses under the trees and hot chocolates for Mamas :)

Oh, and thank goodness for waterproofs...the weather has definitely turned over the last week!

A few photos by budding photographer Theo...and a little film I made on my phone over at Vimeo too.



WEARING: blouse by Next // waistcoat hand-knitted by my Mum // thrifted skirt by JoJo Maman Bebe [similar here] // tights by La Coqueta // boots by Clarks Originals
So happy to get back to these wearing posts. It's a joy to dress our girls and so much fun, plus I always get loads of emails about where I find their clothes. It's crazy how big Phiney is now, compared to those first wearing posts!
As Josephine gets older I'm finding less and less vintage in her size, which is such a shame! Thankfully I know a lovely lady who buys and sells second hand French clothes at crazy reasonable prices, so whilst she may not be in as much vintage these days, she's still wearing something different to everyone else in the playground. I also still stumble across the occasional bargain in the charity shop...this skirt was £1 and is so versatile, and my Mum is always on hand to whip up beautiful pieces that make any outfit extra special.
Beautiful girl in blue x