LITTLE MAMAS: part two

I'm not sure if it's the same in your house, but as naptime/bedtime/foodtime draws nearer or as a sleepless night/early start begins to show, the first thing we do is head out the door. Just grab a baby (or Barbie!) and the prams and I'm guaranteed at least half an hour of happy and entertained children!
I love the conversations we have as we stroll up and down, the reactions from passers-by and people looking out of their window at these two little Mamas, and most of all, watching our girls play so beautifully together; Josephine watching out for her baby sister and Coralie copying Phiney's every move.

The beautiful October sunshine is offering us plenty of chances to get out right now, I'm just hoping November can keep it up!



October's monthly portrait. Cuddles and kisses and lots of love at the allotment.



15 years together. It's gone so fast, yet we've packed so much in. I'm so lucky to call you mine, and to spend my days with you. Love you forever xxx

Photograph by my friend, Tori Hancock.



Sunday afternoons have long featured lazy strolls around the Botanical Gardens with my Mum and sister (while Ben and my brother-in-law catch up), and whilst summer picnic teas and the beautiful blooms make the warmer months lovely, it's autumn's walks that are my favourite.

The crunchy leaves underfoot that are perfect to kick and throw and collect; the beautiful browns and reds of the trees and the perfect reason to snuggle up in scarves and coats and talk about (dare I say it!) Christmas coming...

And our walks over the last couple of months are even more fun, with Coralie now so happy to run and play with Josephine. It's so lovely watching these two frolic amongst the trees like little woodland pixies, chat to squirrels, use tree bark and feathers as pen and paper and pretend they're witches with their stick magic wands :) 



Happy birthday to the boy in our lives. We love you so much darling. Thank you for everything you do for us - going out to work so hard and yet still coming home with a smile on your face, ready to be silly and have fun with your two biggest fans; making us delicious food from scratch, letting me have a lie-in every Saturday and supporting me in everything I do too.

You're the best xxx

Ben took the day off work for his birthday and we headed to our new allotment. We are all so excited about this little space a few minutes from our house, and Ben, his brother Matt and Phiney have already done so much to clear this space and make it ready to grow vegetables and flowers next year. You can find us there every Sunday morning.