Phew, what a weekend! On Saturday we threw my Mum a surprise 50th birthday party, so the day was spent decorating the venue and getting ready. The evening was the most fun of times. Mum was very surprised and everyone had a great time. There was plenty of boogying, thanks to my rather awesome playlist. Maybe I should have been a DJ.

Then on Sunday we had a BBQ for Mum’s birthday and our first wedding anniversary. Lots of yummy food and the sun even came out for a couple of hours so the boys got to plant their very own potatoes before befriending a few cheeky woodlice. We also got to finally give Mum her birthday present; a week’s holiday in our favourite place in the world. St Ives in Cornwall. We’ve all been going here since we were tiny and didn’t get down there last year because of all the wedding madness, so it’s a long overdue trip. We’re all so excited and are very happy that we can finally start talking about it. Roll on August. Which according to Tyler is “forever away.”

Then yesterday, as the rain poured down and the possibility of any gardening fun was washed away, we headed into town where we bought some rather lovely new pasta bowls and dinner plates and enjoyed some very yummy Thai food for lunch. Followed by some snuggling on the sofa as the rain hammered against the window. Pretty darn perfect actually.

So happy birthday Mum for Sunday. We hope that you had an awesome weekend. You completely deserved all the fun times and presents and the holiday too. Thank you so much for everything you do for us, you always go above and beyond and it’s always so appreciated. We love you lots and can’t wait to be sat on the beach in St Ives with you, eating fish and chips and our body weight in ice cream xx

ps. did you notice I got my hair cut? Shoulder length. That's number 6 ticked off this list!



One year ago yesterday. I didn’t think I could love you more, but then you surprise me and crack me up and teach me, and I do. More everyday. Amazing adventures only just begun and so much more fun to be had.

I love you husband, until the end of time. I love being your wife. And I love the thought of what’s still to come xx



Some pretty colours for a pretty sunny day in the garden.

This hamper was one of the best holiday finds ever. We bought it in a Cuban supermarket while we were in Havana on our gap year. It's got such a vintage look to it I decided to snap it up right away and figure out how to bring it home later on. (I think I filled it with clothes and squidged it in a suitcase eventually.) Since the move it's role as a storage box on top of the wardrobe has developed into the perfect knitting basket. It looks cool in the living room and I can easily carry it with me if I want to go knit in the garden. While I watch B do lots of hard work.



It’s now been over a month since we moved into our house and it’s still looking, well, a bit of a mess really. Bags filled with picture frames and other fragile bits and bobs are still sitting where we left them about 3 weeks ago and there just seems to be stuff everywhere. I have to admit, I’m really over this whole unpacking thing now. It’s taking too much time and effort for my liking and really we just want to be out in the garden enjoying the sunshine. I’d love to wake up tomorrow morning and find that little cleaning fairies have come in and sorted it all out. That would be lovely.



A weekend in the garden is the perfect opportunity to try out the most amazing of lenses. I love this thing. The pictures are so bright and crisp.

The boy did good in the garden over the last few days, and when the tomatoes and strawberries, onions, potatoes, chillis, beans, peas, aubergines and purple carrots all sprout, we'll never need to buy another vegetable. Ever. Oh, and so you don't think I just sat and watched, I planted the pretty flowers.

ps. Thank you for the lovely birthday comments. Such a shame Blogger went bananas and deleted most of them x



Yesterday was my birthday. I had a lovely few days celebrating turning 27, with a games night on Sunday evening complete with chocolate cake and some awesome Cath Kidston gardening gloves from Dora and Andy and a shopping day with Emma and Amelia on Monday, who bought me this beautiful cardigan and treated me to lunch.

Yesterday we had a yummy breakfast with Matt (B’s brother) and his girlfriend Clare, who left for a 4 month trip around the world last night, followed by some lovely lazy time. Just me and B in our new little house. That was until the peace was disturbed by some teeny boys, who designed the rather spectacular artwork now residing on our fridge. There was lots of cake and my gorgeous family were as generous as ever, giving me enough money to buy a tumble dryer, new laundry basket for the bathroom and maybe even the darn cool plates B and I spotted in an antiques shop on the way home from work last week.

Speaking of the boy, he got me something I’ve been longing for for a while now. A Canon 50mm lens. It should arrive tomorrow and I can’t wait to spend the weekend playing around with it. So, a rather lovely day really. And now I’m off to eat some leftovers. The best part of any party.



Over the last few weeks I’ve had some very exciting news regarding Happy Circus. I have to keep schtum for now but hopefully I’ll be able to reveal all soon. With this, and a rush of orders, all you need to know is I’ve been knitting like a crazy person to get it all done.

Some of these orders have come from a few insanely cool bloggers and it’s been the loveliest thing to see their posts and pictures of bows and booties. Reading the comment from
Kellie’s mate Sarah about how much she loves her new baby’s teal pompom booties was awesome. And how cool do Mads and Tori look rocking their hair bows? Although, it’s hard to beat Coco in the cuteness stakes, I’m sure you’ll agree.



Today some of our most favourite people came to visit and scope out the new pad. We took a little walk to Larkhall village to buy some lunch, had plenty of cuddles with our favourite girl and got some cute house warming presents as well.

Amelia has just discovered the joys of puréed veggies, and took great pleasure in showing us her very clever eating skills. Check out those amazing pursed lips. Eat your heart out, Angelina.

Before they left she got a few good snuggles with Uncle Ben. The boys gives good snuggles, any girl would agree.

ps. I want one.