Today some of our most favourite people came to visit and scope out the new pad. We took a little walk to Larkhall village to buy some lunch, had plenty of cuddles with our favourite girl and got some cute house warming presents as well.

Amelia has just discovered the joys of puréed veggies, and took great pleasure in showing us her very clever eating skills. Check out those amazing pursed lips. Eat your heart out, Angelina.

Before they left she got a few good snuggles with Uncle Ben. The boys gives good snuggles, any girl would agree.

ps. I want one.


  1. she is the cutest thing i've ever seen!

  2. adorable! xxo

    ps. its almost your anniversary!

  3. Very sweet- oh dear, my sister is about to have a wee little one- I'm worried it might be contagious- at her shower on the weekend I was getting so excited about all the cute clothes...hmm maybe I'll volunteer to look after Maisy to get a dose of reality! ;)