On Friday we visited one of our favourite local attractions with my Mum, the amazing Dyrham Park, to celebrate her birthday. The rain didn't last too long so we got to explore the gardens as well as the house. But I think our favourite part, Josephine's especially, was the Rooftop Experience. The National Trust are currently replacing and restoring the roof, giving visitors the opportunity to go to the top and explore. It really was amazing; the views, the perspective and most of all the tiny high-vis jackets and yellow builder's hats for kids. I'd definitely recommend a visit if you're in the area.



Five years married, and I love you more than ever.

Through the thick and the thin, the good and the bad, the happy and heartbreaking.

I love that you let me have a lie-in every Saturday, that you always buy me chocolate when you stop at the shop and that you watch Eastenders with me.

I love how wonderful a Daddy you are to our babies, and I love how much they both completely adore you.

Here's to the next five years, and all the others after that. I'm so lucky to call you mine xxx



Over the last month or so, I've seen the topic of us Mama's including ourselves in our family photos crop up here and there - on my favourite blogs and IG accounts, and it's certainly something that resonates with me.

As the photographer of the family, I'm even less likely to be the one in front of the camera, but more and more I'm making sure I take the time to pass the camera to someone else and ask them to take a picture of me too. We've even started to ask strangers and passers by to take our photo when we're out and about. I think the pictures of all four of us together will be the ones we cherish the most in years to come.

I know that sometimes it's easier to be the ones taking the photos; I certainly feel that sometimes the bags under my eyes are just too big and dark, my clothes aren't particularly nice or I'm generally feeling a bit chubby round the edges, but it really and honestly doesn't matter. When I'm old and grey I know I'm going to look back on those captures and wonder what on earth I was so worried about, and I don't want to regret not getting in on my of the family photo action.

And, you know what, maybe it will make me get out of those boring everyday clothes I routinely put on, and throw on that nice top I've been 'saving' (for what?!) instead. Sometimes (most of the time) I need to remind myself that taking 5 minutes longer for ME is just as important as getting the girls dressed and making sure the bag has everything we need in. This is just the excuse I need.

Last summer, I posted a picture of my beautiful little family on the beach in our favourite place in the world; St Ives. Coralie was two months old, I still carrying quite a bit of baby weight and my boobs were HUGE from feeding a tiny newborn. It took quite a bit of courage for me to post that picture, put it out there, but I'm so glad I did. I'm so glad to be part of the visual side of this journal; not just the voice behind the words and the person behind the camera. Josephine has that picture hanging on her wall and talks about it all the time. She doesn't see any of my insecurity or softness or post-pregnancy self-confidence issues; she sees her Mama happy and smiling, cuddling her, as I will always do whenever she lets me or wants me to (and even when she doesn't) and loving her, and being there on all our family adventures.

So this is my new mission. Every day trip, every family party, every afternoon spent in the garden, I need to hand over the camera and get in the shot. I know I won't regret it.

A few Mamas who are inspiring me in this quest right now?
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Ah, Bank Holidays - you really are awesome. Especially when it's not raining. A long weekend, impromptu picnics and walks and fun times with this little family of ours.

On Monday we decided to head off along the canal to Sydney Gardens for lunch and it was so much fun. Josephine walked for two hours with just a little pitstop to eat(although that was punctuated with sprints round the park between bites) and didn't complain once. There's always so much to see on a good walk; narrowboats and fluffly baby swans with their Mama and Daddy, trains and huge leaves that 'look like feathers', crazy dogs (Dalmatians!) and ducks.

You always know it's a been a fun-packed morning when you get home and both your children sleep for hours, and you have to wake them up!

Longing for more three-day weekends and, ultimately, our summer holiday in August where we'll have a week of such adventures. Cornwall is calling...



When the sun is shining on a Saturday morning, the only thing to do is pack a picnic and head to the park. Sandcastles in the sandpit, walking-practice and (when you're the small one who loves to eat said sand) cuddles with Mama and Daddy.

Oh and that dragon head?! Josephine and Ben got crafty before we went to the park (while I slept in...heaven!) and made this absolutely brilliant mask. It's even better in real life. A keeper, for sure.



As I sit and type this the rain has poured, the thunder has rumbled and it's cold and dark outside. Looking at these pictures from a couple of weeks ago makes me wish for the sunshine and warmth to hurry up and come back. It doesn't really feel like spring, let alone summer, has properly arrived yet. Sunny days are followed by cold and windy ones; the wellie boots are worn as much as sandals and it's hard to tell what the weather will do from one moment to the next.

Isn't it ever so British of me to spend a whole blog post discussing the weather?!

In other news...Coco & Wolf denim bloomers are my go to item for both the girls and Amy & Ivor moccasins are the best and make foot photos awesome, always.