SPRING: fun in the garden

Saturday afternoons in spring are for being in the garden, playing football, catching bugs and planting seeds. It's so nice that Coralie has so much more freedom out there too now. Before the winter she struggled with the steps and was a bit of a liability, with plenty of trips and falls. But not any more, and it was lovely to see her mooch around doing what she wanted. Phiney spent ages mixing concoctions of sticks, leaves and mud before we kicked the ball up and down the garden. Ben was mending and painting some old tools he bought in an amazing vintage garden store down the road from us, and then we all headed in for tea.

As long as the hours can sometimes be; as tired and as broke as we are - these are the days :)



Josephine: Taking a break from playing football in the garden, and for once happy to look at the camera and smile :)

Coralie: Getting up to mischief in the garden, no doubt!



When Ben was off work over the Easter holidays, he and Josephine spent many happy hours at the allotment. Coralie's still a little small to head there with them (if they want to get work done, and not spend the morning chasing after her ensuring she doesn't eat everyone else's produce!) so Coralie and I had a couple of mornings just the two of us. We're used to a few hours in the afternoon, post nap and before dinner when Phiney is at pre-school, but with longer to spare in the mornings we went to the park and the meadow. It felt strange to do those things with just Coralie. To only chase after one child, only have one baby to push on the swings.

Of course I did all those things with just Josephine before Coralie was born, but rarely only with Coralie. It's something we'll be doing a lot of though come the autumn when Josephine starts school.

I have lots of feelings about school, and most of them I'd rather not dwell on now...I'm still in denial that my teeny Phiney is almost ready to go. But the one on one time I'll get with this monkey will ease my Mama heart. I wonder what Coralie will get up to without Josephine leading the way.

As much as I'd wish time to slow down, as much as I want to savour each second of now and as much as I wish the girls would stay this age forever, there's also so much excitement about what's to come. So much excitement to see them grow and become more like themselves with every day.

Motherhood is such a rollercoaster ride...



There is something so magical about exploring the woods. Such an essential part of childhood, and the girls love it. Both gather sticks and search for insects. Josephine builds houses and chatters non-stop about her imaginary horses or dinosaurs. It can be hard to keep up with, but she's so passionate about them all I make sure I listen to every word and answer wherever I can. Her imagination is sublime and I adore listening to her stories. Coralie happily explores and listens. Quietly taking in her surroundings, and ignoring everything I say....



Life recently seems to have gone by in a blur. Josephine has been off pre-school for an epic Easter holiday (3 weeks!) and the lack of routine and places to be has been a relief. She's back now though and in all honesty, I think she's happy about it. She misses the time she gets away from the house and from Coralie and I, the time to be independent. Plus despite all my best day trip/crafty efforts, I just can't compete with the onslaught on amazing things pre-school has to offer on a daily basis! It seems strange her not being around on those three afternoons, but it's something we must all get used to - especially come September. But there's been far too much talk of school the last few days ;)!!

A few pictures from a couple of weeks ago at the Royal Crescent. The girl's discovered the most enormous spider and desperately wanted to hold it. It's pincers told me that wasn't a good idea! These girls are bug obsessed.

Roll on the warmer weather and picnic teas instead of rushing home for dinner.



Today we found out which school Josephine will be going to in September. We got our first choice, which we're all very happy about, but it suddenly seems all the more real that, come September, our baby girl will be at school. It's an adventure she can't wait for. Autumn can't come quick enough for her. And she's so ready for it. But my Mama heart feels heavy knowing that we're coming to the end of an era. The last four years have gone in a blur and suddenly our tiny girl is a tall, curly haired, intelligent, inquisitive, imaginative, brilliant, kind and funny little woman. A whole new era is about to begin and I have to remind myself that that's awesome too.

Phiney went back to pre-school today after the Easter break with a spring in her step. She couldn't wait to get back there and I just about got a cuddle and a kiss before she ran off to join her buddies. I'm not worried at all about her starting school. About her loving it or about her happily heading off on her first day in September. I'm not sure I'll be quite so composed...



Josephine: Sitting amongst the bluebells.

Coralie: The woods offer far too many things to look at that are far more interesting than my camera!



WEARING: [Josephine] Milou & Pilou skirt // vintage floral blouse [Coralie] vintage dress [both girls] H&M cardigan // La Coqueta tights // Clarks boots

#twinningiswinning on Easter Sunday :)



Josephine: With her collection of sticks, in the woods, soaking up some sun.

Coralie: Exploring every inch of the woods.



WEARING: Baby Gap top // Coco &Wolf bloomers // La Coqueta tights // Clarks boots

Exploring every nook, searching and trying to catch ants and spiders and desperately trying to escape out of the back gate. Garden times with Coralie.