So I ended up getting totally immersed in Royal Wedding fun. Our trip to the park was lovely; the rain held off and along with a whole heap of other party goers, we waved our flags, cheered and clapped and even stood up for the national anthem. That was a first. All while eating cupcakes covered in Union Jacks and dressed in red, white and blue. I've gotta say, never felt so patriotic.

I thought Kate's Grace Kelly-esque dress was very beautiful, and how stunning did Pippa look too? Not forgetting the boys, Wills and Harry really did look like they'd stepped out of a Disney movie. That's how I explained the whole situation to our youngest nephew Coby, who was a bit confused about the whole thing. Tyler understood it more, but I still needed to point out which one was the Queen.

There were ice creams and picnic food, lots of smiles and plenty of fun. It was nice to witness a happy occasion on TV, complete with coy glances, whispered compliments and TWO kisses, rather than the dark times the world has had to deal with recently. So here's to the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. I hope they live happily ever after.



The Easter holidays have been filled with more than just packing, although we are slowly getting through the boxes. Family walks, bowling and shopping expeditions plus our first BBQ to christen the garden have made this break from work awesome. So here's a heap of photos from the last few days.

Tomorrow the fun continues, let's just hope the sunny weather does too. Yep, you guessed it. I'm talking about the Royal Wedding celebrations. The world's gone Kate and Wills bonkers and it seems a shame to fight it. So, along with thousands of other people all celebrating the day off work as much as the wedding, we're heading into town for Picnic in the Park where there will be a big screen, face painting, music and food. Hell, we may even get really patriotic and wear red, white and blue. Maybe even a tiara. Going to far? B's not quite as excited about seeing what Kate will wear (that would be weird) but he does love a good picnic, so he's more than happy about it.

Oh, and my sister and I made some hilarious cupcakes too. Photographic evidence to come...



We're alive, we made it, the moving is done. Last weekend was so tough. Completely exhausting in fact. And then to top it all off, we had to work all week. Now we have 11 days off though. 11 days to make our new house a home. Thanks to a few hours here and there after work, the boxes are being unpacked but it's still a mission to find anything. I can't wait until it's all sorted and we can sit back and admire our interior handy work. Until then, any sneaky pictures will have to wait. Boxes on top of boxes does not an interesting photo make.

Step outside however and it's a different story. This is our garden. It's a beautiful space. Considering the main road lies just in front of our house, it's so peaceful. Just the noise of the local kids playing outside and a few birds chattering away. We have big plans for this corner. B's designated a whole section to fruit and vegetable beds and I'm determined to create our own little cottage garden. And thanks to the BBQ my Dad gave me as an early birthday present (27 in two weeks. Yikes) there will be plenty of gatherings to enjoy it this summer.

ps. Happy Easter to you all. I'm planning on engulfing myself in chocolate, guilt-free. Heavenly.



We’re currently up to our eyeballs in packing and boxes and more packing. There’s another bag by the front door waiting to head to the charity shop and I’m with Kristi. We won’t have much more to pack if I keep up this rate of sorting. But, we’re getting there. Good job really as we pick up the keys to our new flat in two days.

All this moving malarkey means that computer time has been rather limited of late, and any time I do find at the keyboard is currently spent looking at inspirational images for our new flat. Blimey O’Riley, I could spend hours doing this. Heading from one blog to another to another, each bursting with yet more ideas for what we can do with our new space. Or I’m getting distracted looking through interior books while I’m meant to be packing them away.

My current obsession? Picture walls. I can’t wait to design one to go over the 1960s sideboard we managed to score.

Our new flat already feels like home. This time next week we’ll be there, settling in, and I can’t wait.

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Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful Mum. We love you so much and thank you for all your help this year, and every year. Have the most awesome of days, you totally deserve it.

And a special happy first Mother's Day to my bestie Em. The last few months you have blossomed with Amelia and I'm so proud of everything you've achieved so far. I hope one day I can do just an amazing a job as you do everyday.




To quote those legendary words, I have a dream. We all do, right? Whether it’s to set up your own business, travel the world or start a family.

My sister, Dora, and I have a dream. We’ve had it for a long time. A really long time. One day we will open our own vintage store. Read me. We will. Last weekend we went to a vintage fair and spent the whole time imaginary buying for our imaginary store. You know when you were a kid and you would walk around the supermarket with your invisible trolley choosing the food for the dolls you had waiting for you at home? That was us.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this dream lately, spurred largely by watching Lily Allen’s documentary From Riches to Rags. I love Lily and the programme followed her and her sister Sarah as they set up their vintage store Lucy in Disguise. Our store wouldn’t be as highbrow as theirs, but watching them sitting in their office and scouring for genius vintage finds made me so very jealous.

Problem is, we’re not quite sure how it’ll ever happen for us. How we’d be able to afford giving up work, spending months buying stock and then finding and setting up the perfect store. But the great thing about dreams? You don’t need to figure that kind of stuff out to keep them alive. Dreams don’t care about time constraints or bank statements. They happily live on despite all the barriers.

You have to have a dream. Something to aim for, to wish for. Something that, despite all the odds and doubts, could one day actually happen. We’re holding on tight to our dream and someday, you’ll have to come visit us in our little vintage store.