Today, this story topped the headlines on BBC News (and made me late for work as I listened intently) so I thought it was time to talk about our plans for the arrival of Baby Mallia.

The Birth. As maternity leave, Christmas and our due date draw ever closer, the birth of our little friend is more and more at the forefront of my mind. We have actively taken an interest in the process of bringing our child into the world over the last 8 months and it’s been an interesting ride so far.

Back in the summer I started devouring Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth and re-reading inspiring birth stories that I’d seen over the previous few years online. B and I knew that we wanted something as natural as possible when it came to labour, but with friends and family birthing in doctor-led hospitals or with drugs and procedures, we didn’t know much about what was involved and how much input we had in such decisions. Reading this book opened my eyes to how glorious an experience birth can be. The more I read, the more I was filled with surprising positivity about something the western world (and a surprising number of people we spoke to) can really cast a negative light on.

B’s hippy-at-heart ways have certainly had a great influence on me over the last 11 years and in our house we believe quite heavily in mind over matter and the power of positive thinking. We’re a pretty happy-go-lucky pair and we truly believe that this attitude has inspired and led to many of the wonderful things that have happened to us over the years. So as I read (and recalled to B) Ina May’s words, and the words of sensational mama’s from around the world and throughout the last 30 years or so, we felt an absolute connection and decided that a doctor-led hospital birth was not for us.

So where to go next? Whilst the home birth stories we read sounded so calm and relaxing we weren’t sure we were quite prepared for that. Probably because of some sub-conscious fear-factor related to the media portrayal of home births or the look of terror and horror stories that met us when we even mentioned it. My best friend had planned to use the Chippenham Birthing Centre near their house for the birth of their daughter (she was premature so they wouldn’t take her in the end) and we knew that it was a possibility for us too, despite it being about half an hour from where we live in Bath. When we spoke to our amazing, awesome and lovely midwife about arranging a visit, the joy in her eyes and voice instantly reassured us that we were making the right decision. She was more than chuffed that one of her couples were thinking outside the box to use what is apparently a small, warm and friendly cottage style hospital run by some of the best midwives she’d met in her 40 years of delivering babies. Our tour is next week and we can’t wait to see the place we hope will become a home from home during those last hours of labour and our first as parents.

So, while we have an ultimate destination sorted we’re drawing on other stories to help us as we birth at home for as long as possible, and as long as we feel comfortable. Plus on Sunday we’re heading to our local community hall and the Bath Homebirth Group (where we’ll hear about the role of birth partners, what to get ready and attitudes to home birth) to prepare us more for what we can expect when it all kicks off and we’re working through contractions, just B and I. Which, with the help of the hypno-birth CD we’ve been listening to and the mantra I’ve been repeating, should help us have the birth we hope and dream of. And with utter conviction, I can say that right now that I have no fear at all. I know that with B by my side and working with the baby in my belly, we can create a magical experience.

ps. I’m fully aware that sometimes things don’t go to plan and that these little people can have opposite ideas to you when it comes to making their way into the world. But for this post, I’m not going to say hopefully or maybe or all being well. I’m going to say this is what is going to happen. Positive thinking – it’s the way forward.



If there was a shop I could happily walk into right now and spend a fortune, it would be this one. From the stock to the styling. I’m obsessed with it all.



Thankfully the OSG’s are casting their magic touch this way too and I’ve bagged some pretty awesome books (among other things) over the last few weeks. There were a few more I would have loved to get my hands on but boy oh boy these places like to charge a lot sometimes. There was one particular Dick Bruna alphabet book that had such awesome illustrations, but at £20 and with the thought of little grabby hands in my mind, I quickly returned it to the shelf.



Bump Day. 33 weeks down.

Sorry for the total lack of blogging over the last week. It’s been a tough one and I’ve got to say that the full time work and rather disturbed, restless sleep is a tricky combo that is taking its toll. Evenings have been spent doing pretty boring bits and bobs around the house and it’s all been rather uninspiring from a blog post point of view. Still, less than three weeks left of work and the newbie starts on Monday so I’ll be happily passing plenty of work his way…to give him lots of practice and not because I’m feeling lazy, obviously.

While all this is going on outside the bump, the baby is clearly having a lovely time mooching around inside. Over the last week we’ve had hiccups (three nights in a row) and some dancing too, when B played it some music. A Jurassic Five track with a Cuban beat seemed to get the biggest reaction. Happy things that make little sleep and achy hips all worthwhile.

While I'm trying not to focus too hard on specific dates (I swear no woman on my side of the family has ever had their baby early or on time) the board on our fridge offers a pretty cool countdown that B changes every day and every week. Roughly 49 days until we meet you little bird.



Bump Day. 32 weeks down.

B thought it was time to get this round belly out on Bump Day and show it off in all it's glory.

According to the midwife this afternoon, Baby is now head down. Not a huge surprise as last night we're sure a little foot kicked out further than ever before, right under my ribcage. It's getting very squished in there now for this little bambino.

Today, November well and truly arrived. There was a chill in the air and Christmas vibes aplenty. B even wore his mittens to work. With so much baby talk all this holiday cheer seems to have crept up on us, but with the festive lights being turned on in town on Thursday and the Christmas market being set up, it's most definitely here. I just hope that when we sit down for a yummy Christmas dinner in six weeks, there's still room in my belly for a few roasties....

ps. Happy 50th birthday Papa! We hope you enjoyed your birthday weekend and it made up for having to work today. Now go, eat lots of cake. Love you lots xx



These are a few of the crazy felt creatures my sister Dora and I spent Wednesday and Friday evening crafting. Two for our nephews for Christmas and one for the bub, plus Dora made one for her god daughter Zen and Zen’s brother Edyn, who’s due next month. What a rabble of friendly monsters for the kiddos in our lives.

The templates and instructions to make these are by the genius Felt Mistress in this month’s Mollie Makes magazine, one of my new favourites. Packed with ideas, patterns and interviews from crafters, bloggers and generally very clever creative people, it’s a darn good read.



It’s been a crafty old place round here over the last few weeks, what with mammoth Happy Circus orders, quilts, pillows, presents and what not all being made. Most recently? Some crazy felt creatures my sister and I have been making for nephews, god-daughters and unborn babies.

Next on my list though, and maybe one for when Maternity Leave starts, is a cloud. And there’s some amazing inspiration out there on the cloud front, believe me. Colours and faces and falling raindrops; how’s a girl to choose what to include? I do love Kristi’s though. It’s utter simplicity is so calm and lovely, don’t you think? And now I’ve mastered the blanket stitch (something I got very excited about – overly excited you might say) I’m good to go…

These clouds? A whole host from the always wonderful Donna Wilson.



Bump Day. 31 weeks down and another overnight growth spurt. I’m sure of it.

This has become my pregnancy uniform over the last few weeks and I reckon I’ll be rocking variations of this outfit until the baby arrives.

Item 1: Black maternity tights. Most comfortable thing ever and right now my favourite ever purchase. They come right up over the bump. Sexy.

Item 2: Jersey skirt with elasticated waistband. A total bargain at £2.99 from H&M.

Item 3: Lycra packed vest tops in an array of colours. Black, grey, blue, green, yellow, red stripe, navy stripe, tie-dye…you name it, I have it.

Item 4: Pretty cardigan in a whole variety of patterns. Charity shops have been a savour when it comes to this and last week I found a lovely floral one for the grand sum of £2. Apparently I have a penchant for florals right now.

And on the feet... brogues in brown, black or cream. Waterproof, flat, grippy. What more could you ask for in all this rain?



I must say I've had a few rather successful shopping days this week, on the baby front. We're so lucky to live in such an awesome city with amazing independent boutiques that don't cost the earth yet offer something a bit different for folks like us who have an aversion to pastel colours and things plastered in teddy bears.

Right now one of my favourite stores is
this place. I'm obsessed with bits for our house (I put it down to a rather large belly both prohibiting any point in buying new clothes and also causing the need to nest) and they have beautiful things a-plenty. Including these two hand-printed cards for the nursery and this Anorak wash bag that is perfect for reusable nappies.

And then today my Mum and I spent way too long in this store, browsing the prettiest Christmas decorations and crockery. When our hands were too full to pick up anything else, we knew it was time to pay and get out of there before it was too late...



Anything cuter than a baby in stripes? Me thinks not. With the exception of something hand knitted obviously. Hand knitted stripes, you say? Hold the phone...

A collection of Happy Circus booties, knits from my Mum, second hand finds and high street bargains just waiting for our little friend.