Three months and what a beautiful creature you are. So much smiling and cooing and happily sitting watching us three adore you and happily entertain you.

I'm so late with this post that little details escape me, but it doesn't matter. When we look back in years to come, and think of three month old Coralie, we'll think of happiness and love and sweetness and, well, double chins.

Our darling Coralie, how lucky we are to have you xxx 



1. Found Josephine some pretty cool sunnies in the charity shop this morning...
2. Yesterday we discovered the wonders of washing up! For Mama - 45 minutes of uninterrupted ironing time (Coralie was sleeping!) and for Phiney 45 minutes of absolute joy. Most definitely the new favourite indoor activity :)
3. We spent the morning walking in the sun; through the woods, along the canal and next to the bustling main road. Amazing things to see and conversations to be had with Josephine. Having children truly opens your eyes to so much more of the world around us.
4. Hehehe, cheeky monkey smiles
5. Sporting a quiff her Grandpa would be proud of
6. At least someone's happy! So hot, so little sleep!
7. So SO hot today, this little one love dipping her toes in the paddling pool at my Nan's house
8. Hanging with these guys. Brothers and their daughters :)
9. Finally...
10. Cousins. The cheesiest of smiles!