Photographing these two amongst the flowers at the Botanical Gardens has to be one of my favourite things. It's such a classic moment of childhood. Like something from a story book. They both see the absolute beauty and wonder in nature and are mesmorised by it all.

Children are so good at reminding us to slow down and witness how amazing the simple things are. Like running on the grass with no shoes on and picking the hugest bunch of buttercups. It's days like these that make me want summer to last forever.



WEARING: [Phiney and Coralie] Vintage French blouses, Coco & Wolf denim bloomers, La Coqueta tights, charity shop wellies.

Running around Queen's Square waiting for my sister to arrive for a little lunchtime picnic in the sunshine. Chasing pigeons, collecting fallen Magnolia leaves, picking daisies and wearing matching outfits. Just some magical everyday #thingsiwanttoremember



Just your average Wednesday morning with these two. So much happiness from simply jumping on the bed with your sister, in your night clothes.

That balloon didn't leave Phiney's hand from the moment she was given it (at a very exciting little project she was asked to be involved with). There were almost tears the morning the girl's found it wrinkled and flat.



Josephine: Snapped as we were talking about going on holiday next month. She asks every day how much longer it will be until we're there. I can't wait to spend 10 days by the sea with her.

Coralie: Our little monkey, under the trees. And I can't get enough of socks and sandals.


MEADOW FUN: wearing

WEARING: [Phiney] Charity shop jumper, Next denim shirt and floral skirt, La Coqueta tights, Clarks boots [Coralie] Monsoon blouse, charity shop cardigan, Coco & Wolf bloomers, La Coqueta tights, charity shop wellies.

Sometimes I accidentally dress the girls in the same colours and sometimes you head to the meadow and they match the fallen trees and dried grass. A little meadow adventure one morning a few weeks ago...