My sis took these amazing pictures last week in a park in the centre of Bath; little fairies just playing in the trees. How beautiful.

I love all things magical. From fairies at the bottom of the garden to Harry Potter and Father Christmas. There's something so hopeful about believing in a bit of magic; that little bit of something special that takes faith, you know.

And so I'm reminded me of one of my all time favourite quotes from Minnie Aumonier: There is always music amongst the trees in the garden, but our hearts must be very quiet to hear it.


B and I went on a road trip this weekend to see our friend Jonny and make use of his cottage by the sea in Suffolk. It was such a fun weekend and lovely to spend some time on the beach, plus Jonny had put together a rather inspired itinerary to make sure that we didn't miss anything!

Saturday was filled with slices of Victoria Sponge (my favourite!) in old fashioned tea shops, playing arcade games at the end of the pier and some genius charity shop finds, including a crazy looking board game called Dare (B and I are geeky board game players - haven't played one in a while? You should! Hours of stupid fun to be had!) Plus B also found me the loveliest little vintage necklace that cost a whole £1.50p. Good work B!

We finished the day eating some awesome fish and chips as the sun set and stayed up way past our bedtimes.

Sunday we went crabbing, which I haven't done since I was teeny and it was brilliant! We all caught some pretty impressive crabs and had lots of stupid fun naming them as we set them free - although I'm sure the kids sat next to us on the pier didn't get the hilarity of crabs named Paul, Stephanie and Steve (as in McQueen...he kept trying to escape!)

A lovely little adventure indeed.


I'm rather chuffed with myself today. I have knitted my first actual item (other than a classic scarf!) and it looks pretty good! B is a bit of a hat lover, so this was a practice run for a new bobble hat in time for autumn but turns out it's a bit of a snug fit on him. It fits me perfectly though, so bonus!

A trip to the market with B to find the perfect wool is now in order and i've worked out how many more stitches I need to do to make it fit his big ol' head.

Now that project's done, bring on the jumpers...mmm, maybe a little too ambitious?


Family is important to me and my guy. Really important. Whether it's our blood family or the amazing little family of friends we have built, these dudes mean a lot to us. And there's nothing more fun than grabbing the "brood" (as my Mum likes to call us!) and heading out for some Tapas.

Me and B, my sis and her boy, my two bro's and my Mum ate until our tummies nearly popped and washed it all down with a few jugs sangria.

So thanks Mommy for treating us all. Good times and awesome company x


Childhood money boxes that continue to hold those precious pennies

Yesterday was a very special day. It was the day before payday and I still had money in my bank account (ok, so it was only £9, but that’s a lot in our book!) Plus we had money in the joint account. Actual cash. No overdraft. In the black.

This is a bloomin’ good day! Since way back two years ago when B and I were both made redundant within six months of each other and subsequently had no job/temp jobs with little money, we’ve struggled to get back on our feet financially. But today seems like the start of the next, more positive financial chapter. A reward for being good little savers and for changing our spending habits for the better.

So High five to us B! Oh yeah!


Bouncing fun as promised....if you haven't been on a bouncy castle for a while get on one soon! It was super fun, although a few mummy's and daddy's looked slightly concerned as a tipsy Fi got ever-closer to their little ones! Don't worry though, no squishing occurred...well, for the teeny boppers at least; Fi totally crushed me!! Completely exhausting and vomit inducing fun - is there a better kind?
We spent yesterday heading to Breacon in Wales for the wedding of one of our favourite people in the world, the beautiful Lynne. The drive was pretty long (especially on the way back, in the middle of the night!) but the scenery was incredible and the day was so much damn fun, it was totally worth it. We have known Lynne and one of her bridesmaid's and best bud Fi (good work on the bridesmaiding FiFi!) for years as they were on the same food degree course with B at uni and he quickly introduced them to me knowing how much I would also love them! These lovely ladies were the only people we knew at this wedding, which was a new experience for B and I, but everyone was lovely and made such an effort to come and chat, which was cool! Plus they had a bouncy castle, which is always good in our books...more bouncing fun to come!

Congratulations to the most glamorous bride we've ever seen and her favourite boy, Gareth. We hope all your dreams come true and you live happily ever after xx


Is there anything better than packing up a little picnic and heading to the quiet corner of a hidden park with your love? Perfect summer activity me thinks.
On balmy summer evenings surely nothing looks chicer than Dear Golden's Lauren, in her sun bleached dresses, vintage blouses and slouchy harems. Few people do the perfect mix of vintage and new like Lauren. Me = jealous.
I've been thinking about the design for the quilt I plan to make to mark mine and B's marriage. I keep seeing beautiful faded fabrics, or quilts with hot pink and turquoise running through them, but I want something that my guy will love as much as me and I'm thinking these are a bit too girly. Then I saw this beautiful quilt, used in an engagement session featured on Ruffled. While I have a slightly different design in mind I love these colours and I know B will too, so I'm now on the hunt for vintage fabrics and prints ...

ps doesn't this look like such a fun picnic to be on right now?
I love the simplicity and bright colours of interiors aimed at children. There's something so much more interesting and quirky about them. And Mimi Lou offers some of the loveliest things. I could happily have this cushion or border transfer in my house. I'm obviously a child at heart, so it's ok right?