We spent yesterday heading to Breacon in Wales for the wedding of one of our favourite people in the world, the beautiful Lynne. The drive was pretty long (especially on the way back, in the middle of the night!) but the scenery was incredible and the day was so much damn fun, it was totally worth it. We have known Lynne and one of her bridesmaid's and best bud Fi (good work on the bridesmaiding FiFi!) for years as they were on the same food degree course with B at uni and he quickly introduced them to me knowing how much I would also love them! These lovely ladies were the only people we knew at this wedding, which was a new experience for B and I, but everyone was lovely and made such an effort to come and chat, which was cool! Plus they had a bouncy castle, which is always good in our books...more bouncing fun to come!

Congratulations to the most glamorous bride we've ever seen and her favourite boy, Gareth. We hope all your dreams come true and you live happily ever after xx

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