"A portrait of Josephine, once a week every week in 2013".

I'm pretty sure she's about to head to some awesome music festival with Alexa Chung and her crew. Wellies, check. Stripes, check. Wayfarers, check. Too cool for school attitude, double check. 

ps. I love the similarity of this week's portrait to this one. Winter and spring versions.

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PICKING POSIES: nature in the home

This morning, Josephine and I spent almost an hour sitting in the garden, soaking up the spring sunshine and picking little bunches of these beautiful tiny flowers. A burst of April showers forced us inside, but we bought our posies with us to fill vases round the house. I'm pretty sure these are weeds, but Josephine and I still think they're rather lovely. 

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HAPPY CIRCUS: women's bow ties

Totally inspired by my beautiful friend Tori, Happy Circus is now stocking bow ties for women. 

I don't think I could ask for a more stylish model in Tori, whose modelling a custom Brown Tweed bow tie here; so chic and elegant. This piece is perfect for everyday or a special occasion  and comes in Olive Green Tweed, Rust and Grey, each on a Liberty-inspired floral cotton. Head over to the shop to see this and all the other bow ties and hair bows Happy Circus has on offer :) 



"A portrait of Josephine, once a week every week in 2013".

The expressions that fly across her face are simply awesome. Everyone comments on it. And those gappy teeth? Swoon. 

Taking part in Jodi's 52 Project.



When we were kids my brother used to keep a scrap of paper in his wallet with the titles of films he wanted so that when he had some money and could afford one, he knew exactly what he was going to buy. At the time, I thought that was pretty lame. But now, now I see the genius in it. I spend the whole year swooning over things in magazines, on blogs, in other people's homes, yet when it comes to my birthday or Christmas I can't thing of a single thing I want. 

In three weeks exactly, it's the last birthday of my 20s. And this year, on the super tight budget we're currently surviving on, I want to make sure that I really put some thought into what I ask for. Because there ain't no money in the bank to be buying myself anything at any other point over the next few months. 

So I'm taking a leaf out of my brother's book and am starting The Wishlist. A place I can add links to clothes, books, tableware and art that I'm coveting. And I'm going to set one up for Phiney too - 'cause there's plenty I'm wanting for her too right now. 

a home is made print
scandi flowers print
triangles tape
fjallraven kanken bag
moomin tray
vintage platter
american apparel skirt

What's on your wishlist right now? 



The wonderful thing I'm learning about photography is how, in the pressing of a button, the click of the shutter, you can capture something magical; the essence of a person. Their craziness and goofiness, their cuteness and kindness, their spirit and their beauty. 

These two pictures encapsulate our girl, and I can't stop staring at them. 

Our little bird, our tiny dancer, our cheeky monkey, our reason to live. 

I took one other photograph that I adore as equally, but I'm saving that for The 52 Project on Sunday. It's hilarious and wonderful and very, very Josephine. 



I have loved the process of crafting since I was small. There's nothing more satisfying than starting a project, choosing which materials to use and creating a design, then learning new skills and processes and ultimately completing something unique. I've made cushions and clothes, laundry bags and toys, all for the fun of it. 

But right now, more than anything, I'm loving practical projects. Crafting for a reason. When time is short, it's good to know that what I'm making is fulfilling a purpose. And to be honest, with a deadline that often accompanies such projects (birthdays, mother's day, Easter, the need for new baby clothes after Josephine has had a growth spurt) I'm more likely to actually finish the piece. 

My current crafting obsession is making cards. If you're looking for a simple, yet oh so satisfying new hobby, making cards like these will have you hooked in no time. My beautiful friend Laura gave Josephine one of the best first birthday cards (a simple '1' in red stars on crisp white card) and then made the sweetest thank you cards to send friends and family for the presents they received after the birth of their second baby (brown paper baby-gros on a washing line of stitching). She's the card-making queen and I totally stole this idea from her. We've been known to have in-depth text conversations about this hobby. We're cool like that. 

There are many reasons why this hobby is so pleasing. Firstly, I love sending cards so it's very handy having a stash ready to give. I think it's a habit I've inherited from my Grandma, although my lovely Icelandic friend Bibi said that it's a very English thing to do too. As well as birthday cards and thank you notes, there are cards to welcome babies to the world and cards to keep up with penpals that make their way across oceans. And, as my sister (a fellow card-giver enthusiast) and I were discussing in a card shop a few weeks ago, cards are so reflective of your style that finding the ideal design in a shop can be a real mission. Making your own ensures a piece of stationary that suits your aesthetic tastes perfectly and is totally unique.

And secondly, cards are so blooming expensive (I could easily spend £4 on a card; finding anything cheaper yet pretty is near to impossible) that making my own fits very happily in our living on a budget. Plus, while some new crafty hobbies can take a bit of an investment financially, this one instead offers the perfect opportunity to use all those fabric scraps I've accumulated from other projects. 

1. Fold and cut your card into the size and shape desired. 
2. Get designing with all the scraps of fabric you've kept but have been wondering what to do with. Small, cute babies are very helpful with this part. Seriously, it's a great one to do with the kids. Phiney spends ages happily rummaging through my fabric box!
3. Use a small dab of fabric glue to attach your design to the card, to ensure it doesn't slip while you're sewing. 
4. Using a zigzag stitch (or something similar) stitch round the design, remembering to keep it as neat as possible; you'll see the stitching on the inside don't forget. 

I think my favourites so far are the bunting designs (they would make the sweetest invitations too) and the flower birthday card I made for my lovely friend Amy. You should definitely give this craft a go. So easy and simple, yet really effective and fun. 

ps. In my mind the only thing as good as handmade is vintage. So if you're looking for the perfect card but don't have the time to make your own head over here. Emily has just opened her store and it's so good. SO good. 


SPONSORED POST: express your personality

If I was given enough rooms, and a big enough budget, I think I could develop a bit of an obsession for bed linen. Is there anything better after a long day than climbing into a freshly made bed with clean covers that are still warm from the dryer? I don't think so. Especially in this freezing weather. 

The bedroom has always been a place to retreat to, a space to call your own in the craziness that can often consume the rest of a busy family home. And the bed linen you choose offers an opportunity to really indulge in some individualism. 

At John Lewis right now there is a fantastic array of duvet cover designs to express your personality. Choose from classic white spreads or retro prints; stripes, florals or spots; brights or muted tones. And for the kiddos there are ballerinas, dinosaurs and sail boats to make their space their own. 

Personally, I'd happily snuggle up with this ditty print from Orla Kiely or maybe this fruity number. And if Josephine was in a bed already, I'd be buying this circus set for sure. 

So if you're wanting some new sheets this spring, whether it's to wrap up against the cold rain in or to inject some sunshine into your room with a bold print, John Lewis has something for everyone. 



 "A portrait of Josephine, once a week every week in 2013".

Caught investigating the garden room. I took this photograph on Monday afternoon and knew instantly it would be this week's portrait. I love her inquisitiveness. 

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WAITING FOR SUN: spring knits

Seventies Child. 

My Mum recently made Josephine this awesome little waistcoat. I'm envisaging a whole selection for her in an array of colours. I feel an obsession coming on...


EASTER HOLIDAYS: fun on the farm


Today Ben went back to work after such a fun week off. We didn't really have any plans before his holiday started, but we've managed to strike the perfect balance between relaxing and heading out on little adventures. It was such an awesome week, and no-one wanted Papa to go back to work. 

On Friday we took Josephine to Bath City Farm, along with our two nephews. They all loved the animals, especially the chickens and enormous pig. Personally, I could have taken one of those tiny lambs home! We were blown away, quite literally, and it was pretty freezing, but the kiddos all had a ball. And the cold weather did nothing to deter the boys from a tub of ice cream each. 

Josephine adores spending time with her cousins. She loves them and they love her. 



 "A portrait of Josephine, once a week every week in 2013".

Having fun on top of the fort with her cousins. Not quite tall enough yet, little one. I love that you can see the smile on her face and the happiness in her heart, just through her eyes. 

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EASTER HOLIDAYS: planning adventures

Last night, Ben and I found ourselves talking about plans for the summer; trips we want to take and people we want to see. We're so excited to be travelling down to Cornwall to see my Grandparents and up to Norfolk to see Ben's Grandparents; so excited about planning possible camping trips and meeting new friends. 

Today I am super excited to be adding another fun adventure to the list, but this ones just for Mama. On June 19th I'll be heading to London for Tim Coulson's The Nursery, and I cannot tell you how happy I am about that. I've watched with envy at all the Aussies who have got to partake in such a wonderful learning experience, and now I get to too. 

If you don't know Tim, well, A. where have you been? This guy has taken over the world in the last couple of years and B. go check out his blog. The dude shoots the most beautiful weddings and families and at his workshop teaches everything from emotional and technical shooting to managing your images, and even includes a live shoot. Man, I cannot wait!

If you can, go book your place asap. I'd love to see you there :) 


EASTER HOLIDAYS: a little bit of sunshine

It may still be freezing outside, but in here the spring has sprung. The beautiful daffodils my Mum gave me for Easter are now in full bloom and have bought a burst of sunshine into our home. Nothing like a pop of yellow against a crisp white wall. 

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Oh my heart. 



These two are all I need. They are my world.


EASTER HOLIDAYS: fun in the garden

After a busy weekend, we've spent our Easter Monday pottering around the house and garden, with Josephine and Ben planting a few seeds ready for spring. They have been inseparable since Friday when Ben's holiday from work began. Two peas in a pod.