EASTER HOLIDAYS: fun on the farm


Today Ben went back to work after such a fun week off. We didn't really have any plans before his holiday started, but we've managed to strike the perfect balance between relaxing and heading out on little adventures. It was such an awesome week, and no-one wanted Papa to go back to work. 

On Friday we took Josephine to Bath City Farm, along with our two nephews. They all loved the animals, especially the chickens and enormous pig. Personally, I could have taken one of those tiny lambs home! We were blown away, quite literally, and it was pretty freezing, but the kiddos all had a ball. And the cold weather did nothing to deter the boys from a tub of ice cream each. 

Josephine adores spending time with her cousins. She loves them and they love her. 


  1. Looks beautiful Nell! That pony/horse (?) is beautiful!!!

  2. Oh boy. Your nephews are getting so big! Hooray for cousins! xx