September 26th was just the happiest day. The sun shone for the beautiful lovebirds and it really was the most wonderful wedding.

Dora looked amazing (as did Andy, in his custom made tweed!), the venues were perfect, the food delicious and the dancing so much fun. The ceremony bought a tear to everyone's eye and our divine flower girl's both fell asleep for a couple of hours giving Ben and I some time to let our hair down and bust out some moves on the dance floor.

What a brilliant, brilliant day. I wish with all my heart my Dad was there to see it all, but I know he was there in spirit and would be so proud of Dora, and so happy for the new Mr and Mrs Wright.

We love you guys xxxx

I was busy filming all the wedding fun, so didn't take many pictures but I love this one someone snapped on my camera. The finished wedding film I made can be seen here...


WHAT PHINEY SAID...and Coralie too.

More priceless, hilarious observations from this brilliant girl. And a first from Coralie too! I love these posts. Definitely some of my favourites...

"Is it tomorrow today?"

Josephine: "I don't like playing with boys."
Mama: "What about Oliver, Theo and Bertie?"
Josephine: "Oh, they're my best friends. I mean all the other boys."

"A shark came, but it didn't eat anyone. That would have been a disaster!"

"Mama, am I a cartoon?"

Mama: "You're so cool, my Josephine."
Josephine: "I know I am."

Josephine (pointing at a picture of Mama): "That photo is of holiday. Was it before Coralie was born?"
Daddy: "Yes, it was before you were born too."
Josephine: "Cool...now, I'm a cowboy."

"I had tummy ache because my tummy needed some sunshine. And a poo poo."

Mama: "How many fish fingers would you like?"
Josephine: "11. No wait. Let me think about this..."

"Mama, you always smell fresh."

Mama: "What's in the garden Coralie?"
Coralie: "Bird!"
Mama: " What does a bird say?"
Coralie: "Hello!"





After living in moccasins over the summer, her first 'big girl' shoes (as Josephine put it!) caused a lot of excitement. Coralie just loves them and has beenputting them on and taking them off all day long - whether we're going out or not.

The first time she tried them on, we all laughed so much. She looked like a new baby deer, suddenly unable to walk again; the shoes appeared to weigh so much. She soon got used to them though and now runs everywhere in them...not much walking these days.

The last few weeks our favourite afternoon pastime has been to walk up and down our street, as the girls push their babies in the prams. Well, Coralie pulls her baby. I love these half hour strolls, backwards and forwards. Chatting, playing, singing.

I'm soaking up every second of our girls. Standing back and watching them be. Enjoying each moment of them at this age, knowing how fast time goes.

WEARING // Both Josephine and Coralie are wearing Coco and Wolf denim bloomers //



As the girl's grow, I'm amazed and entranced by how their relationship changes and deepens and grows with them. As Coralie gets older and understands the games a little more, knows a few more words and is happy to play (rather than just chew everything...although a lot of that still happens!) our girls enjoyment of spending time with each other only deepens. It's a joy to watch, and to listen into their conversations.

To hear Josephine's high pitched voice as she talks to Coralie (in her 'speaking to a baby' tone) and witness all their impromptu hugs and kisses is the sweetest thing.

Sure there are spats and arguments and it turns out that Coralie is quite the pincher/biter/hitter when she wants to be (a second child thing? We've never had any of those things from Josephine!) but on the whole, the good far outweighs the bad and I'm so grateful for that.

On those occasions when the nights are disturbed (teeth!) and the days are long and weary, it's these magical moments that make it all worth while.

It's rare to get a photo of Josephine that's in focus right now - she really isn't a fan of having her photo taken at the moment and runs away instantly - so to get a photo of both of them still and looking at the camera is miraculous! And I adore it. I need to try and get one every month. Our new Monthly Portrait.



Wandering around the meadow with my babies. Out in the hot sunshine, and hiding in the cool shade of the trees.


Exploring the garden as Mama hangs out the washing...the little things childhood is made of and the little things I don't want to forget.

RAINY DAYS: bird watching [part two]

Entranced with the rain, the garden and the birds. Forever watching the world beyond our bedroom window.

Just like her big sister.


The last days of summer; a warm breeze, the sun on our backs, and the park with our best friends. So happy to have these little boys in our lives. Such happy, kind, generous friends - our girls are so lucky.


Sometimes you're standing in the right place, at the right time, with a camera in your hand, and you capture the magical everyday moments.

So much love.