Some treats from the garden yesterday with which B rustled up the tastiest veggie couscous. Followed by an apple and strawberry crumble, with the perfect fruit/crumble ratio. The boy rocks that dessert, that's for sure. And a pretty flower he picked for me while he was out gathering the crops.

Hot pudding and custard seems to signal the arrival of Autumn already and I've got to say I'm pleased to see it . Summer was, once again, a total non-starter so at least now we won't be disappointed with rainy days and colder weather - they'll be expected. Plus it's my favourite season.

ps. Happy birthday beautiful Emma. We love you lots and can't wait to see you tomorrow xx



Bump Day. 21 weeks (+ 2 days) down.

We had a Bank Holiday here in the UK this week and it’s thrown us rather. Still, one day closer to the weekend, which is always fine with me. It’s grey and cold here right now, so pictures of me being lazy (and yawning) in bed are all you’re gonna get this week but I’ll try and be more imaginative next time. Promise.

Week 21 was a bit of a mental one in terms of baby development. After the first real kick last Sunday, the bub has got stronger every day and barely an hour or two goes by without a little somersault session occurring in my belly. I’m loving every movement. Even at 5.30am this morning when those kicks kept me awake for an hour, I was smiling away in the darkness.

Note to self: Iron t-shirt next time.

ps. Have you read this? If you haven’t go do it now. Especially if you’re expecting your own bub. The most beautiful and inspiring birth story I’ve read so far. And armed as I have been with my copy of Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth for the last month, I’ve read a few.



Holiday 2011 was so much fun. The house was lovely, the weather pretty good and the fudge plentiful. I wonder how much of the 20 week Bump Day photo is baby and how much is fudgy goodness to be honest. It only showered a bit on two days and armed with a beach tent it wasn’t enough to keep us off the sand, in true British fashion.

We also found some lovely treats for The Belly and had a grand time at my Grandparent’s house when we visited them near Lands End. Much to my excitement, B and I came away with the Bramley Hedge box sets my Grandma read to my sister and me when we were little. These were some of our favourite tales and they’re on loan to me until my sister has a little one of her own someday. Boy or girl, who can resist such adventures? When she gave them to me, my Grandma said that they’ll be back where they belong; in a nursery being read to little ears.

Those gorgeous nephews were as fun as ever, and after a bit of trepidation I managed to get them both into the ocean for a paddle. Ty even took his “surfing board”. It was quite an achievement and we had a lovely time jumping wave after wave. And I got to spend 11 uninterrupted days straight with that boy of mine, which was pretty darn heavenly.

It’s weird settling back into work now, setting the alarm clock and trying to remember how to type. Still, I only have 15 weeks left until my maternity leave starts. Not that I’m counting.

Shout out to the St Ives Massive xx

ps. Sending happy thoughts to our beautiful friend Lizzie and her man. We love you and know all things will be as they should soon. Just keep believing xx



Bump Day, 20 weeks down.

Taken on Monday at our friend’s wedding, when we got all dolled up. Once The Bump and I finally found something that fit. As discussed it’s not the bump that’s the issue it’s the boobs, but this charity shop find was perfect and displayed my round belly in all its glory. I even managed to rock a pair of heels for the full 9 hours.

And here’s what’s in the belly at 20 weeks. We decided not to find out if it’s a boy or girl baking away in there, so if you’re a sonographer in your spare time and can tell what it is, please keep it surprise! The scan showed some rather long skinny legs and big feet (exactly like B) on a rather wiggly little sprite. And since Sunday I’ve been feeling these kicks and punches properly. Real “stop you in your tracks” stuff. Not strong enough to feel outside of the belly yet, much to B’s dismay, but give the bub a week or two and Papa should be feeling them too. Right now he’s content with plenty of tummy rubs and chats with whose inside. Heart-melting stuff. As if I didn’t love the boy enough.

ps. Check out the Happy Circus bows over at The Beetle Shack. Is this the most attractive fun family or what?!



We're back with last week's Bump Day photo. 19 weeks down. Thank you lovely sister for taking it.

I'll post this week's picture tomorrow, and some holiday snaps once I've gone through all 80,000 of them. An awesome time was had by all and none of us really wanted to come home.

ps. Thank you for all your lovely comments on my Mama's creations. She'll be chuffed to read them, and we're going to concoct a collaboration plan over the next few weeks. x



Ever since we announced that we were pregnant, my Mum has been knitting up a frenzy. Largely encouraged by me, obviously. These are some of the beautiful bits and bobs she produced so far. We chose all the wools together; unisex but not a pastel colour in sight. We’re not really pastel-colour people. And there’s more being produced as we speak. I’m even thinking of branching Happy Circus out to include some of Mum’s amazing knits. A little Mother-Daughter collaboration. I’d love to know your thoughts.

For now, this will be my last post round these parts for a while. Tomorrow, as the sun rises, we’ll be heading off to Cornwall for our long awaited, much needed holiday. 8 grown ups, 2 kiddos and a bump. All snuggled up in a cottage that overlooks the beach. Sea, sand and fingers crossed a bit of sun. But, we’ll be back a week on Sunday with plenty of stories, pictures and a couple of Bump Day photos too. We’ll be halfway through when we return. I can’t believe we’re nearly at that milestone already.

Thank you for all your lovely comments over the last few months, and a shout out to all the new readers who have joined from around the blogosphere.

We hope you all have an awesome week.

Love Ben, Nell and The Belly xx



Bump Day. 18 weeks (and one day) down. A little bit late this week.

Oh, and some dumpy legs. In all their glory.



I’m feeling so much better now with the whole body issue thing. Largely thanks to all of your completely divine comments and reminders that when the bub is placed in my arms I won’t care a nat about a little podge here and there. But I have a sneaking suspicion it’s also because of those crazy pregnancy hormones sending me up and down and round the houses at the moment. Last night I even got a bit teary over a rather silly little thing. And I’m not a teary person. I’m still learning, but I’m trying to embrace it all. As I start to feel tiny flutters in my belly it’s so easy to forgot all the small things and concentrate on how amazing this growing a baby really is.

And when I see these pictures, it makes my heart skip at thought of when our own little one arrives. Plus I couldn’t ask for a more breathtaking model of these.

So because I’m feeling happy and bright, and basking in the unusual mix of sunshine and weekend, here are some colourful bits and pieces I’ve picked up in some charity shops over the last week. And some vintage textiles from a little store owned by a crazy but kind old lady who I spoke to for about 45 minutes yesterday about dressing babies like babies and the joys of living in part of the city where you walk into the butchers and they know your name. I could have spent all day in there rummaging through the piles of linens, and I’m sure I will be back very soon to find more treats.

Happy weekend to you all, and congratulations Christina for winning this little giveaway. These booties will be high-tailing their way to you on Monday. xx



This started off as a post about boobs. More specifically my huge, huge pregnancy boobs and how yesterday I had to do a spot of bikini top shopping before we head off on holiday. When I was about 8 weeks pregnant I had to buy a couple of bigger bras and then about 2 weeks ago, I had to buy even bigger bras. I’ve always been what some may say is blessed in that department but this is getting ridiculous. A 32 DD on someone who is as vertically challenged as me (5ft 1” ish), well it’s surprising I can stay standing upright.

So that was going to be it. But I wanted to add something else too. A couple of posts ago I wrote about how it wasn’t bothering me at all that my new PJ bottoms were a size bigger to make room for the growing belly. Well it didn’t. Until B took some bump photos of me on Sunday and I got all bummed out about how, now the smallest thing about me (my waist) is disappearing, my short rather dumpy legs appear even dumpier. And I know they’re not, because I’ve actually put on very little weight and all my trousers are still fitting perfectly – well, apart from that top button. But bummed out I still got. In fact, I admit that the picture I posted was carefully chosen as it was the only one that hid said dumpy legs from you all.

It annoys me that this got me so down. After all, B thinks I’m even more awesome than before (his words, not mine) and that actually I’m hotter than ever (again, his words). That he’s loving the boobs as much as the belly. Unsurprisingly. Next time I’ll try to be brave and post those dumpy legs with pride.

Reading all your lovely comments on the Bump Day pictures has certainly cheered me up and now I’m feeling decidedly non-bummed out and on a bit of a high actually. So thank you lovely readers, and a big hello to all those now visiting by way of Em’s blog x

Pictures of some ice creams being devoured. Because ultimately you only get dumpy legs one way. And with our holiday next week and such yummy things to look forward to, I have to say...sod getting down about it and bring on the tasty Cornish treats.