At the Royal Crescent in the sunshine. Looking for bugs and trying to catch them.

Watching them play and learn and chat and laugh only gets more beautiful as they get older. It's an honour to watch their relationship blossom. Such a proud Mama.

RAINY DAYS: bird watching [part three]

I find the girls watching the rain out of our bedroom window nearly every time it falls, but Coralie especially will stand there entranced for ages. Watching the birds and shouting with glee whenever one lands in the tree by the window. On this occasion she was talking to the huge wood pigeon that was walking around the garden eating whatever it could find. She rarely stays so still for so long!

Bird watching, parts one and two. A little tradition in our little home.



Josephine: Having lots of messy and colourful fun celebrating Holi Festival at nursery on Tuesday.

Coralie: Not happy about it being time to head home from the meadow.



Josephine: In the spring sunshine, playing 'What's the time, Mr Wolf?'

Coralie: Watching over the allotment.



I adore these photos - the ones of Josephine in that incredible tree, especially. I snapped them on Saturday when we went for a walk with my sister, and watched the hot air balloons take off. Coralie was so excited every time she spotted the balloon in the sky!

Just a little reminder to myself how every day has something beautiful about it, and something magical to capture.



The end of last week and the weekend were so beautiful and sunny - spring is truly in the air, and it feels so good. We soaked up every ounce and spent days at the meadow, the Botanical Gardens and on the allotment.

I find the sunshine and warm weather inspires me so much after months of grey and cold, so I've had the camera on me at all times. Prepare yourselves for plenty of pictures!! (Coralie and my Godson George on the swing together slays me!)

Here's to that cold wind dying down and the days becoming a little longer so we picnic season can properly start.



Josephine: Climbing trees and exploring. One of my favourite ever pictures of her.

Coralie: Enjoying the spring weather this weekend. We're all hoping this sunshine is here to stay.



WEARING: dress by Next // Nanny-made waistcoat // La Coqueta Tights // Clarks boots

...but more than the clothes, it's all about the curls :)