"A portrait of Josephine, once a week every week in 2013".

Our little woodland pixie; taking in the world around her, planning her next move. 

Taking part in Jodi's 52 Project.



Josephine and Bertie; they could have spent hours in that tree or on that bridge watching the trains zip beneath them. Such sweet buddies, exploring this crazy world together. 

As Amy and I bundled our babies into their prams to head home, Bertie told his Mama 'I like Phiney'. That's about the sweetest thing he could have said. Bertie...Phiney likes you too :) 

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On Thursday mornings Josephine and I head to my Grandparents house. On the journey over, every week, Josephine and I recount (several times) who will be there. Nana and Granpy (my Grandparents), BecBec (my Auntie Becki) and Tilly (her daughter) Fran (my cousin) and Kacie (her little girl) and, of course, Bella (the dog).

It's a sweet tradition and it's lovely to see the next generation of the family growing up together.



Her first grazed knee. It was inevitable when there's a dog walking group with seven dogs roaming the park. Why look where you're going when there are such wonders to behold. 

No tears, of course (Josephine is such a tough nut) but plenty of examination and poking. And my favourite moment? When she checked the other knee for a matching war wound. 

The first of many for our fearless explorer, I've not doubt. 

MONDAY MONDAY: bath city farm

Yesterday we had a lovely day packed with smiles and laughter, animals and exploring, new friends and even a spot of sunshine. 

In the morning, we headed to Bath City Farm. It has to be one of the best attractions for kids in the city, and the fact it's free makes it ideal for us right now. Josephine adores this place. With great views of the city you can roam round fields, feeding goats and sheep and sitting next to chickens and ducks. The baby goats were absolutely her favourite today. They hurried to the fence as soon as we approached and happily munched through the grass we fed them. Josephine watched in awe and wonder.

Then in the afternoon we welcomed this beautiful family and took them on a mini tour of our city. Originally the plan had been for Tim, Kesh and Roo to come stay with us for a few days before they headed back to Australia, but then a certain little boy got chickenpox. We decided that being outdoors was likely to keep Josephine from getting infected so grabbed a picnic and enjoyed the shimmer of sunshine in one of the many gardens in town. And, as with all the best afternoons, I was having too much fun to even get my camera out of my bag. Darn. We headed home along the canal and said goodbye to these lovely new friends; such sweet people, it makes me a little sad that they live so far away, on the other side of the world. One day soon we hope to be able to repay the visit. And gorgeous Roo...feel better soon little one. 

We woke yesterday morning not knowing what the day would hold, and yet such happy adventures unfolded. The perfect start to the week. 



Since Wednesday, I've picked up my camera everyday with the view to take photograph after photograph and practice everything I learnt from Tim at The Nursery. To get to grips with the technical information and to understand how to capture those magical moments; the emotional details that draw you into a picture.

Thankfully, with Ben and Josephine, I have subjects who are happy to frolic about in the park and have me take photographs of them. Lots of photographs. I'm learning so much with every 'shoot'. It's incredible how deep the teachings of a great educator can go; looking at my notes from the workshop and remembering Tim's words, I feel more inspired with every click of my shutter. 

Today, this was my favourite capture. Josephine and Ben had been collecting fallen pine cones and as we discovered a newly planted sapling Phiney reached for her smallest treasure and tried to put it back on the tree. It was a beautiful moment yet, for me, this photograph goes beyond that simple action. It reflects the naivety of childhood, the joy of learning and understanding, the awe of nature. In that simple touch I saw so much through my camera; in this single photograph there is such a wonderful story. 



"A portrait of Josephine, once a week every week in 2013".

When the sun comes out, the clothes come off and the paddling pool at our friend's house is the only place to be. 

Taking part in Jodi's 52 Project.


Wednesday was really an awesome day. I learnt so much, was utterly inspired and left wanting to do it all again. 

After arriving at Alexis' beautiful home in Chiswick Park, we spent the morning learning everything from the technical to the emotional and it was clear from the beginning that Tim has found his calling as much in teaching as he has in photography. He is a truly fantastic teacher. He has that ability to make complicated things seem simple, in a way only the best teachers do, and he speaks with a passion for his subject that is contagious. 

At the photo shoot after lunch, Tim's practical lesson bought to life all we had learnt beforehand and his encouragement as we each stood forward to shoot with him was reassuring and real. As I scrolled through my captures I knew something had clicked; I saw my photographs improve right then and there. The shots above are just a few of my favourites from that afternoon.

It was wonderful to finally meet Tim, Kesh and Roo in real life. They are genuine, kind and sweet people. I'm so happy we get to spend a little more time with them this weekend before they fly home to Australia and I'm so excited to continue learning how to take better pictures.