MONDAY MONDAY: bath city farm

Yesterday we had a lovely day packed with smiles and laughter, animals and exploring, new friends and even a spot of sunshine. 

In the morning, we headed to Bath City Farm. It has to be one of the best attractions for kids in the city, and the fact it's free makes it ideal for us right now. Josephine adores this place. With great views of the city you can roam round fields, feeding goats and sheep and sitting next to chickens and ducks. The baby goats were absolutely her favourite today. They hurried to the fence as soon as we approached and happily munched through the grass we fed them. Josephine watched in awe and wonder.

Then in the afternoon we welcomed this beautiful family and took them on a mini tour of our city. Originally the plan had been for Tim, Kesh and Roo to come stay with us for a few days before they headed back to Australia, but then a certain little boy got chickenpox. We decided that being outdoors was likely to keep Josephine from getting infected so grabbed a picnic and enjoyed the shimmer of sunshine in one of the many gardens in town. And, as with all the best afternoons, I was having too much fun to even get my camera out of my bag. Darn. We headed home along the canal and said goodbye to these lovely new friends; such sweet people, it makes me a little sad that they live so far away, on the other side of the world. One day soon we hope to be able to repay the visit. And gorgeous Roo...feel better soon little one. 

We woke yesterday morning not knowing what the day would hold, and yet such happy adventures unfolded. The perfect start to the week.