Since Wednesday, I've picked up my camera everyday with the view to take photograph after photograph and practice everything I learnt from Tim at The Nursery. To get to grips with the technical information and to understand how to capture those magical moments; the emotional details that draw you into a picture.

Thankfully, with Ben and Josephine, I have subjects who are happy to frolic about in the park and have me take photographs of them. Lots of photographs. I'm learning so much with every 'shoot'. It's incredible how deep the teachings of a great educator can go; looking at my notes from the workshop and remembering Tim's words, I feel more inspired with every click of my shutter. 

Today, this was my favourite capture. Josephine and Ben had been collecting fallen pine cones and as we discovered a newly planted sapling Phiney reached for her smallest treasure and tried to put it back on the tree. It was a beautiful moment yet, for me, this photograph goes beyond that simple action. It reflects the naivety of childhood, the joy of learning and understanding, the awe of nature. In that simple touch I saw so much through my camera; in this single photograph there is such a wonderful story. 

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