With Josephine now at nursery three afternoons a week, it's lovely to get some one on one time with Coralie. And there's nowhere she'd rather be than in the garden; exploring, tottering around and eating as many daisies as possible...



Celebrating my beautiful husband, always the best Daddy in the world to our girls, and my own beautiful Daddy, who I wish with all my heart was here with us today.

Sunshine, BBQ and happy, fun times. So much love xxx 



I wonder if there is anything sweeter than little friends holding hands.

These pictures make my heart happy. For the beautiful friendship Josephine has found in Edie and for the innocence of childhood.



A few more gems from the last couple of months. I could chat with Josephine all day, she amazes and delights me with the things she says...

On sitting at the table and me passing her her lunch... "It's so nice in this café!"

"It's exhausting walking in the rain, isn't it Mama?"

"That's hilarious!" (All the time!)

Josephine: "Our old house fell down!"
Mama: "Oh no!"
Josephine: "Don't worry, we weren't in it, and I've built us a new one, the same - look! Do you like it?"

"This milk is 20p. What a bargain!"

"You're good at chopping Mama, because you are grown. And cool. And Daddy and Coralie are cool. And I am cool."

After I've been singing along to Jay Z and Alicia Keys 'New York' in the car... "Oh! I really like your singing Mama."

Mama: "What do you like most about our house?"
Josephine: "That we all live here together. And Buzz Lightyear."

"Look Mama! There's Florence. Oh, no, wait...she has a different face."

"When I do quiet trumps, Mama, it tickles my bottom and leg!"  



When we got home from a picnic a few weeks ago, and as Josephine snoozed in the car, Coralie and I sat on the pavement and soaked up the sun. I snapped this picture of my tiny girl, and I just love it. It encapsulates so much of what she's about right now; finding her feet, getting more confident, happiness and excitement and amazement at the world around her. And those little chubby baby legs. A moment in time that I want to remember.



It's very rare to see my girls wearing pink. In fact I think the only pink in Josephine's wardrobe is her ballet uniform. I don't particularly like the colour (although the palest dusky pink is hard to resist) and I like to dress them in something a bit different, a step away from 'girly' pink. Of course, this has led to many 'oh, what's his name?' questions...even if they're wearing florals and once even when Josephine had a bow in her hair!!

So it was quite a surprise to realise they were both wearing pink last Friday. Coralie's white, pink and orange floral bloomers and her pink and white striped blouse were both Josephine's. I just love seeing her in all the sweet hand-me-downs.

We're going through a very 'hands-on' stage with Josephine. She's always trying to cuddle, hold hands, pull, push and pick up Coralie. It is (mostly!) done out of love, but poor old Coralie isn't always the biggest fan. That last picture pretty much sums it up; absolute joy for Josephine, not so much for Coralie!



My brilliant friend Amy and her husband John would hands-down win Children's Party of the Year Award, if such a thing existed. From the invite Josephine received in the post to the location, amazing outfits (that Amy made...for all seven of the little guests!) the games and activities (jousting, shield decorating and making their own bows) and the party bag treats.

Well done, guys. Josephine has done nothing but talk about Bertie's party since Saturday, we both had so much fun.



A beautiful summers picnic with some of our favourite girls. Josephine adores Edie, and it was so lovely to meet sweet little Agnes and have a squeeze.

I'm so happy that, through the wonders of IG, I met Amy. She is one of my most favourite ladies and it feels like we're always on the same page. Good friends are hard to find, especially as we get older, but I'm so lucky to have met five beautiful women since having Josephine; bought together through motherhood, and always there to discuss babies and behaviour, feeding and pre-school. And more; life, womanhood, the politics of IG and blogging...

So grateful for these ladies. And so grateful for their brilliant children who make our girls so happy.