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Three weeks old today. Our sweet Coralie, how you have captured all our hearts. We love you completely and utterly adore you, little one. 

Considering how good we were at capturing my growing bump when we were pregnant with Josephine, my second pregnancy was nowhere near as well documented. Thank goodness for Instagram or I wonder if they'd be any evidence at all! 

Actually, I rather love the simplicity of this little series. The monochrome, the same view point, Josephine photo-bombing the occasional shot :) I'll treasure it forever. 


20/52: catch up

"A portrait of my daughters, once a week every week in 2014".

Josephine: My cousin's dog had puppies a few weeks ago and Josephine has been desperate to meet them. It was love at first sight.

Coralie: We visited my Dad's girlfriend last weekend for a beautiful family dinner, and to take Coralie to their house for the first time. We all feel so close to my Dad there, and to sit in his study with his new granddaughter on my lap, surrounded by his books, guitars and records, was so special but so sad. I wish with all my heart he was here to meet her, but she will still grow up knowing how awesome her Grandpa was, for sure.

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19/52: catch up

"A portrait of my daughters, once a week every week in 2014".

Josephine and Coralie: I hope you become the best of friends, as my sister and I are. Already entirely besotted with each other, and bringing the biggest smiles to your Mama and Daddy's faces. We love you both with all our hearts and souls, our beautiful girls.  

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Yesterday Ben went back to work after two blissful weeks of paternity leave. The sun shone on the second week especially and Josephine adored spending so much time in the garden with her Papa. The one on one time those two shared while Coralie and I got to grips with feeding and enjoyed some long naps, was priceless for both of them. And with Josephine in bed by 7.30, the evening was left for snuggles with Coralie. I didn't leave the house for seven whole days, only venturing outside into our garden. It was a lovely couple of weeks, easing us all into life as a family of four. I know for sure our boy had a tear in his eye when he was getting ready for work on Thursday morning. 

And I have to admit, I went to sleep on Wednesday night a little terrified of what my first day of solo parenting with TWO children would hold. But our girls were both superstars. Coralie woke in the morning with enough time for me to make Josephine's breakfast before she needed feeding, then slept for more than two hours giving Phiney and I time to craft and play. We walked to the local shop before naptime, and I managed to get both girls napping in their beds at the same time from 1pm allowing me to have a shower. We even got out to the meadow for an hour of playing before deciding to head home as a rainstorm approached. It was a huge success. And while today was largely spent watching movies (Toy Story 3 and most of Cars) due to a very sleepy two year old and torrential rain, it was still (mostly) stress-free. I am wholeheartedly giving myself a pat on the back, and awarding our amazing daughters gold stars for helping their Mama so. 

Now it's Friday evening, and with a Bank Holiday in the UK on Monday, we have Ben at home for another three days, just to ease us all into life's routines and rhythms returning to normal. 

I am so much calmer second time round, so much more relaxed, much of which I am sure has to do with the fact that breastfeeding is going so well right now (more of which in another post). And seeing Josephine step so beautifully into her role as big sister is a privilege. She loves Coralie with all her heart and asks to hold and cuddle her all day. These first weeks as four have been amazing, so quiet and so filled with love. 

A few shots I snapped on Wednesday - soaking up those last rays of sun before the rain, the last hours of our babymoon bubble before Ben returned to work. That huge yellow bruise on Phiney's head in the last picture? She fell a few days before while playing in our bedroom and caught her head on the corner of a plug socket. I honestly thought she had ripped her head open, but instead, in the space of 2.5 seconds, a bump the size of a golf ball emerged. She was the bravest girl, and was mostly bemused at having a bag of cold peas held to her head. 

I also just wanted to thank so many of you for sending such sweet emails to us, congratulating our little family on the arrival of Coralie. And for those who have asked, Coralie's name is pronounced Coral-ee :) 



On Wednesday 7th May, at 10.55pm, our beautiful girl swam into the world at home and we've spent the last week snuggled up, getting to know each other. 

Named after my wonderful Papa, who I wish with all my heart was here to meet her, Coralie Joe Mallia is a tiny little bundle of happiness and love and we're so pleased to announce her safe arrival. She is perfectly beautiful. 

Your big sister is totally smitten with you Coralie, as are your Mama and Daddy. We all love and adore you and are so excited to see what adventures await you. Welcome to the world my darling.



"A portrait of my children, once a week every week in 2014".

Josephine: There's no place in the world she'd rather be than in the back garden, planting seeds with Daddy - of that I'm sure. She'd spend all day out there if she could. Her happy place :) 

Baby: 41 weeks today and still no sign of you making an appearance. Hurry up little one, we're all desperate to meet you...

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1. Josephine requested a swing in the garden for her 'guys' and so Daddy obliged, making one from an old beer box and some twine. We love that dude. 
2. In the midst of nesting, I discovered so many things that my beautiful Daddy gave me over the years. This inscription (my Dad never gave a book without one!) was in a book he gave me when I was about 4 years old. His scrawly, slanted writing is the best; his words so sweet. 
3. Pre-bedtime strolls with this dimple-cheeked girl are so fun. The best conversations are had and the warmer weather and lighter evenings are so good. 
4. On our way to a midwife appointment. I love that Ben and I get to share this pregnancy with Josephine - she's so excited about it all. 
5. My best friend had her baby, George, and he is delicious!
6. Getting bigger...
7. Spring sunshine means long socks instead of tights, and when they look that cute, that's only a good thing.
8. Little friends exploring the Botanical Gardens. Further along this path was a long tunnel created by entwined trees, which was like stepping into the 'deep dark wood' of The Gruffalo. Josephine and Edie then spotted a squirrel and their reaction was magical. Exploring the world with two year olds is the best. 
9. Vintage Barbies in vintage outfits. I don't know who loves these two 'ladies' (as Josephine calls them) more - me or Phiney. 
10. Jumping on the bed. Her new (not without risks) favourite activity. Love to see those ringlets bouncing, and so happy with her Mama-made bloomers.