B and I went on a road trip this weekend to see our friend Jonny and make use of his cottage by the sea in Suffolk. It was such a fun weekend and lovely to spend some time on the beach, plus Jonny had put together a rather inspired itinerary to make sure that we didn't miss anything!

Saturday was filled with slices of Victoria Sponge (my favourite!) in old fashioned tea shops, playing arcade games at the end of the pier and some genius charity shop finds, including a crazy looking board game called Dare (B and I are geeky board game players - haven't played one in a while? You should! Hours of stupid fun to be had!) Plus B also found me the loveliest little vintage necklace that cost a whole £1.50p. Good work B!

We finished the day eating some awesome fish and chips as the sun set and stayed up way past our bedtimes.

Sunday we went crabbing, which I haven't done since I was teeny and it was brilliant! We all caught some pretty impressive crabs and had lots of stupid fun naming them as we set them free - although I'm sure the kids sat next to us on the pier didn't get the hilarity of crabs named Paul, Stephanie and Steve (as in McQueen...he kept trying to escape!)

A lovely little adventure indeed.

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