HOLIDAY: st ives, 2014

Our holiday to St Ives in 2014 was a very special one, in so many ways. Happy and sad.

It's a place that I see my Dad everywhere I go; he went on holidays there with my Grandparents and aunties when they were kids, and he took us when we were younger. We have so many funny memories with him there. This year, we spread some of my Dad's ashes off the pier. Beautiful but so sad.

But there was also so much happiness. It was Coralie's first holiday, and wonderfully and magically, my sister and her boyfriend got engaged! We're beyond excited for them both - it's so lovely that it happened in such a special place.

With a two month old in tow, I'll admit I didn't take very many photos, but I snapped some lovely captures with my iPhone. Pictures I'll always treasure.

I can't wait to go back in 2015. Coralie will be old enough to run on the sand and play in the sea with Josephine, the wedding of the year will be just weeks away and, for the first time in a few years, my brother and his family are coming too. Roll on August...

1. Sleeping Coralie. Our sweet baby, on her first holiday.
2. Epic Mama-daughter sandcastle building!
3. Two months old, lying on the beach cover-up my Grandma made in the 60/70s when my Grandparents, Dad and aunties used to holiday in St Ives.
4. Beautiful girl, with her mermaid hair, enjoying a cream tea :)
5. Riding a vintage tractor with Daddy. One of the highlights of her holiday!
6. Post-beach snuggles, in the house we always stayed in when we used to come to St Ives with my Grandparents when we were children.
7. ENGAGED!! Happy, happy day :) :)
8. Daddy and a little pixie in the sunshine. The weather was amazing all holiday!
9. Would spend all her days paddling in the sea if she could.
10. Stood waiting for takeout, my sister and I watched this beautiful scene. It really is such a magical place. "I see the moon, the moon sees me, the moon sees the somebody I long to see."

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