October is a prime birthday month in our family. Tuesday it was my cousin Gabie’s 18, yesterday was my brother’s and tomorrow it’s B’s.

Last night we had a little family party for the boys complete with cake, jelly and icecream and bowls of sweets and chocolates. A faux Pizza Hut Icecream Factory if you will. I made B’s birthday cake in my lunch break and decorated it with white melted chocolate dyed green. The scene depicts Manchester Utd thrashing Chelsea and B was suitably impressed with my cake making/decorating skills! Next up, a weekend packed with birthday-related activities. Fun times are a-coming.

So, to my little/tall brother. We love you lots and are very glad you had a super day and liked your present. The last few months have been tough for you, but you’ve dealt with it all rather beautifully. We know that the good things peeking through the clouds right now will only get brighter over the coming months if you want them to. You’re an awesome papa and a pretty cool bro, even when you mock my shortness and give me scary fireman lifts when I don’t expect them. Happy Birthday Charlie xx


  1. very touching post... have a nice weekend!

  2. Ah ah great bday cake for Ben, I love it ! You have great decorating skills indeed :)
    Have a fabulous week end xx

  3. Yeah for family gatherings. Looks like you have a lovely family. And, your cake skills- power to ya lady! x

  4. I love the little/tall brother bit!
    my brothers are that same, but never know exactly how to put it!
    You made it make sense!
    And he mocks your shortness.... Mine too! x two! (I have 2 x little/tall brothers and 1 x little/tall sister)

  5. Ben's cake is sooooo adorable. Talented lady, you are :-)
    Have a happy birthday-filled weekend!

  6. the cake is so pretty! and these pictures are so happy, love them :) happy october birthday month!

  7. Lots of birthdays = lots of cake = awesome! Ben's cake is too cute!

  8. That football birthday cake rocks! I know somebody in this household you'd love a fancy cake like that one! Hope the birthday celebrations were fun. My bday is also in October ;) xx

  9. wow busy month ahead - and i'm totally impressed with your cake skills. sending out birthday wishes to your family, its nice to see how much you love each other. x