Today is a special day. Today is the birthday of my best friend, my soul mate; the person who makes me cracks me up a hundred times a day and makes me yummy food even when he can’t really be bothered or is very sleepy after a hard day at work. The boy who gets lovelier every day and even when I’m grumpy and not much fun to be around, is patient and charming and has me laughing in no time.

I love you more than you could ever possibly know B. You are my world; my heart and my soul.

Happy Birthday baby. I hope you have a stupendously awesome day xx

Picture taken last year on a rainy walk along the Cornwall cost. Our most favourite holiday location.


  1. Happy Birthday to B!

    I love Cornwall, no matter how rainy it is!! :) Hope you have a good weekend! xx

  2. Adorable picture!
    Happy Birthday to your boy, have a beautiful day. :)

  3. awww, how sweet! Love, love, love... love is all you need! xx

  4. that picture of you two is precious :). love it!

  5. Aww, what a sweet little post and photo. Happy Birthday to your husband, am sure you both had a lovely day.

  6. Oh, my gosh, how beautiful!
    Have a happy birthday-day with your husband!
    p.s pretty, pretty pic!!!

  7. happy birthday to B! Here's hoping you two beautiful people have an amazingly romantic and fun filled weekend together - enjoy this time! x

  8. Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to your lovely Hubbie - happy birthday to you!
    ps - Very cute pic!!

  9. Happy belated to B! I hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend celebrating! And Cornwall looks gorgeous despite the rain :)


  10. aww! Hope you had a great weekend together!

  11. Happy and in love. The way life is meant to be!!!
    Happy birthday to your husband!
    I found it really cool for the first time this year to say "Happy Birthday Husband!"

  12. So sweet! I am late but I hope it was a lovely birthday