So, like I say, we’ve been getting down to the knitty gritty of what we need for when Baby arrives, trying to sort through what is essential for us and what is just unnecessary crap the industry is making us think we need.

Ha! That’s B talking right there. And while I totally agree, it’s a subject that he feels particularly strongly about. Along with poor customer service (see the encounter with the rubbish Manager of the tech store we bought our new DVD player at the other day) and the current moving and shaking of specific drug laws. The boy loves to talk very loudly about things that have pissed him off whilst standing very clearly in earshot of the person in question. I have been known to scarper during such events. Just back away slowly and leave him to it. He’s passionate, what can I say!

Anyway, back to the point. We’re now armed with a list that includes everything but books and clothes. Because books you can never have too many of and clothes have been coming in left, right and centre already and my Mum’s still on her knitting frenzy. Over the last few days I’ve been hitting the smaller things on the list hard and the bump is now the proud owner of all the above. Apart from the Pleasantly Plump booties. I’m still undecided on which colour to choose this design in. Brown, mustard, green. It’s too hard. I know I make booties too, but I’ve loved Meghan’s since the moment I saw them and I think a pair will have to find their way into the bub’s wardrobe.

So now we get the fun of lots of parcels arriving, guilt-free, packed with goodies. Next big decision? What pram to choose and which re-useable nappy to go for. Which is one hell of a tough decision. Seriously, if you’ve used a brand you love please please PLEASE let us know. We’re currently lost in a world of pattern versus plain, popper versus Velcro, pocket versus all-in-ones. Con-fus-ing.

Things for The Bump: Part One
1. Blue cloud foldable changing mat, because it was the most awesome one we saw.
2. Bamboo swaddling clothes for wiggly babies and snuggly times
3. Donna Wilson’s Old Stripey Head. It was a tough decision between green and red but B loved Red’s expression most. And Kerry I’m totally blaming you and the introduction to Hello Bubba for that purchase.
4. Too cool for school bandana bibs. So many colours and patterns, too little time. I managed to get it down to 4 in the end.
5. A Dover and Madden knitted dimple hat. Because ever since I saw this little bear wearing hers, I knew I’d have to have one when the time came.
6. Pleaseantly Plump’s t-strap booties. My favourite design, but who knows what colour to choose? Green, yellow, brown, grey…


  1. HAha Dave sounds just like your old man. But he'll go on further and say it directly to their face. Needless to say I get embarrassed A LOT when were out and about together!
    Oli has sheets in that cloud design. Too cute. Check out the German brand By Graziela. Their retro pieces cost a bomb on ebay over here!

    Same hat, different (and just as freakin cute!) babe: http://dear-olive.blogspot.com/2011/08/blog-post_10.html

    I'll be posting some vintage German love as soon as you pop my dear Nell.

  2. oh boy, your husband reminds me of mine. while i appreciate his passionate opinions i have a hard time being present when he voices them in public also. speaking of reusable nappies - i'm assuming these are the same as cloth diapers. i am also going to do this and it is terribly overwhelming trying to navigate all the brands and features of each. my sister-in-law is using the bumGenius brand and has been very happy, they are one size fits all and she prefers the popper/snaps vs. velcro. she said the velcro ones she tried lost their 'stickiness' after multiple washings. here's a link. http://www.bumgenius.com/organic.php i think she said they go on sale the month before christmas, generally. good luck!

  3. It's so exciting!!! We were completely and utterly broke when I was pregnant with Flo so almost everything was a hand-me-down. But we did choose our buggy, we went for a Phil and Teds Sport in luscious lime green, on the notion that we'd plan to have the second one quite close to the first. But that didn't happen and I was pushing an 11.5kg buggy around with a tiny baby. Error! Your buggy (sadly) is a status symbol, believe it or not, to some mums. I say just choose one that folds down easily! X

  4. He he, love this post! I like the sound of your hubby! Excellent choices, and pleased to see you’ve shopped in Hello Bubba (sorry for leading you astray there)! The shop with the bandana bibs was where I got all of Bertie’s too. They’re really good, wash well and are very reasonably priced compared to many.
    We used washable nappies for a while. I got mine from Ebay, and they were ex-nappy laundery/hire service ones. They were Fuzzybunz with poppers and inserts and we used disposable and sometimes bamboo liners in addition to the inserts. I found they fitted very well (you just have to change them more regularly with washables). These nappies, no matter how many times they were washed, stayed extremely soft. I recommend them. With regards to prams, we started off with a big clunky thing (Concord Neo), but as soon as Bertie got to age one, it was too heavy (error). We now have the Bugaboo Bee and it is the best pram in the world ever. Fact (and I have had a lot of prams/pushchairs....so you’d think I’d have learned from previous experience when I bought a big, heavy pram for Bertie....oops). A bit pricey, but worth it. Blimey, I rambled on there...hope it’s of use :) x

  5. What a lucky little baby with so many nice things! It's amazing how many things you can get second hand for kids. Op shops, friends, ebay - all treasure troves. I don't think we bought a single large item except for the pram. When Olive was a wee babe we used this really old emmalunga that I bought on ebay, it was so cool. But after pushing that 10k monster that took up the entire car boot, I decided to downsize to a maclaren stroller when she could sit up. She's never been a great pram baby, though. It was sling and now it's walk. With the nappies, we use bum genius and I can't recommend them highly enough. I found it SO confusing when I was ordering them, so I ordered one of each and then went back and put in a bigger order ... one size pocket, all in one, organic ... it's bloody confusing. The all in ones are more compact but the pocket nappies dry much faster. It probably worked quite well us having a combination. (And our velcro ones are still sticky.) Although I must admit, since I did that job, we basically use disposables, or at least a lot more. (We use biodegradable ones though. But still.) Wow that's a long message. Never ask another Mum for advice! Kellie xx PS I love everything Donna Wilson.

  6. Thanks gals for your awesome comments. Seriously helpful. None of our friends with babies are using re-useable nappies so any first hand reviews are priceless. Thank you xx

    Kellie - good plan getting a couple of different types, and thanks for the word up on BumGenius too. We've been hitting second hand shops hard and have found so many bargains. Plus currently scouring eBay for a second hand Ergo. And I'm with you on Donna Wilson.

    Kerry - A light pram is what we're after. Apparently I'm really weak and can't even move half of them. Think we're going to go with the Quinny, so just researching the best prices. Like you say, a bit pricey but worth it. And thanks for the nappy tip, i'll look into that brand. Could have bought so many things on Hello Bubba. At least Old Stripey was in the sale!!

    And Bianca - you are the sweetest. Packages from you are always full of the most awesome things.

    Oh and I love how so many husbands are like Ben. Boys, eh! xx

  7. Hi, how exciting (slightly envious) of you opening all these goodies. I used prefolds for my 2 boys. Like a big triple thickness rectangle that you fold into a wad. And then used velcro wraps. Used baminomio wraps. I then bought some fleece fabric (with little clouds on) and cut it up into rectangles as liners. The fleece wicks the wet away from the skin leaving the fleece dry and the prefold nappy wet. It worked out cheaper to buy fleece and do this myself than buying liners. Also you just pick the fleece up and drop the poo into the loo, then put fleece into the nappy bucket. I didn't bother soaking either, just put a nappy wash on every day. I used cloth nappies for both boys, bought online... it was really satisfying, cheap and easy. Good luck.. sorry for going on! (check out BORN on Gloucester Road here in Bristol, they do great stuff!)> xx

  8. Awesome, thanks Lou. Loving that you're so close and can suggest places that are only half an hour from us! Check you out with the ingenius diy too. All these tips are amazing. xx

  9. Love reading this!! I am the mum behind BeBops a New Zealand cloth nappy company :) Of course im going to say mine are awesome lol, but i designed them to fit my boy and that was almost 5 years ago. My little 2 year old is still in naps (although she did her first wee on the potty today YAY) and they are amazing fit on her too. I would love to give you some info, and if you are keen i could send you a 'sample' to try ;)

  10. Oh and we used cloth nappies with Elke until a few months ago. Baby Beehinds which I think you can get in the UK but are a bit pricier than back home. I can send you a couple if you're keen to go down that path. I found them really easy to use and the colours are cute. Just a tad bulky sometimes. Let me know if you have any questions about them. xx

  11. New to your blog Nell. Lovely! Love the bump series. Jade x

  12. Hey, If you're planning on using re-usable nappies, pop over to the lovely ladies at Boo Coo in Bristol. We went for their nappy demo and it was ace. We ended up going with Tots Bots (which we love) and Boo Coo were mega helpful showing us all the different brands. Also, bandana bibs are sooooo easy to make and brilliant for all that dribble. I just got some fleece backing from the fabric shop near French Connection in Bath, then made some myself. And there's a little tutorial on my blog if you want a pattern - www.albertandthelion.blogspot.com. We have the Sola pram from Mamas and Papas which is really ace, especially for living in Bath as it's really light and nippy and easy to move. And check out the Big Scream at the Little Theatre Cinema - helps keep the cultural brain ticking once the baby arrives. Hope that helps. Mrs B x

  13. That change mat is the cutest! Just nabbed a lovely flannel cloud-pattered sheet set for the preschooler myself. He was appropriately grateful :)

  14. Ive just discovered your blog so apologies for the late comment but I love your purchases.

    Weve just received our delivery of bandana bibs (couldnt get it down to any less than 6) and we just got a few of the aden & anais muslins.

    Looking forward to hearing about your new arrival, our baby boy is due in less than 3 weeks!