For the last couple of months Ben and I have been jotting down some of the brilliant things Josephine says, because - let's face it - some things we're bound to forget. And we just don't want to forget these gems. We need to do this more often, I love that we have a record of what she says and how she thinks at this age. Some one-off one-liners, some phrases we hear every day.

"Mmmmm, this porridge feels comfy in my tummy."

(To her PomBear crisps) "Come on, little one, your Mama in my tummy already!"

Josephine: "Coralie's a giant monkey!"
Me: "So what does that make you?"

Josephine: "A giant panda."

"We need to wash Coralie's hair this day?" (Every. Single. Bathtime.)

"I saw two diggers and two tractors. That's very impressive."

"I love Coralie. But I don't love her dancing."

Josephine: "I not want to be a big lady."
Me: "What do you want to be when you grow up then?"
Josephine: "A lion."

"Seriously...." (About everything. Teenager in the making.)

"Aw-right darlin'?" (In a cockney accent that makes her sound remarkably like Barbara Windsor.)

Josephine: "Thank you, Mama."
Me: "That's ok!"
Josephine: "Thank you, Mama. I say it twice so you don't forget."

She's wonderful, this girl of ours...

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