WEARING: Vintage French romper // La Coqueta tights // H&M boots

On Saturday Coralie turned nine months old. Three quarters of a year, it's hard to believe. This has been a big month for this little one. A couple of weeks ago we moved Coralie into Josephine's room and so far so good. Thankfully Coralie waking in the night seems to barely stir Josephine and if Josephine has woken, Coralie hasn't batted an eyelid. And listening to them chat in the morning before we get up, and seeing Coralie's cot filled with the toys Josephine has passed her, is the sweetest thing.

There are finally two teeth (almost!) poking through at the bottom. So close, they may have even popped through but you're determined to not let us see. The only opportunity is when you do your cheesiest of grins, and then it's hard to do anything but laugh!

Whilst you're not crawling, you've figured out how to get around in your own way, and nothing is safe from your grasps (and drool) now darling girl. Through a mix of bottom shuffling, turning around, rolling and pulling you find a way to get to what you want (and the words 'no Coralie' are now in frequent use because of it!) You're also pulling yourself up onto your knees, and sometimes your feet - those legs are getting so strong.

It's crazy to think that when Josephine was just a few weeks older than you are now, she was taking her first steps. I quite like that you're not there yet though Coralie, you can stay my little baby for a while longer.

You love to cuddle your toys, especially your baby Lara, and snugs are always accompanied with long and enthusiastic 'aaahhhhs'. It's so sweet. You love anything that makes a noise, so adore the musical instruments that are in your toy basket, and Josephine is really good at building you towers to knock down, which you think is so awesome. You really do adore that big sister of yours.

Despite the ongoing teething, you are still the happiest little thing in the world - never really moaning, always happy to sit and play or watch (especially the washing machine...you LOVE the washing machine!)

You are so good at waving at saying hello and goodbye, and shout Dadadadada all day long. You love to dance to any music that you hear, and do the cutest singing along too.

Basically, you're absolutely brilliant Coralie and we all think your hilarious! And oh so sweet. We all love you so much, more everyday xxxxx


  1. So like Grandpa in photo #8! She's a cutie pie! Miss her and Phiney! xxxxxx

  2. So like Grandpa in photo #8! She's a cutie pie! Miss her and Phiney! xxxxxx

  3. She's such a darling! Kellie xx

  4. oh she is just delicious! gorgeous photos x