Last week Coralie started her dance classes and I can't tell you how excited she was about it. She's been watching Josephine dance since she was a baby and she couldn't wait to get up there and do it herself. We found her the sweetest tutu in H&M and some little white ballet shoes, and she wore Phiney's old ballet cardigan - I love seeing the pieces that have such wonderful memories tied up in them getting passed down from Phiney to Coralie.

Coralie has been telling everyone about starting dance class, and she knew it would be around the same time Phiney started school, so we had a few tears on Josephine's first day as Coralie thought she'd be off to ballet too :( So sweet when Thursday came and I could tell her it was tomorrow...she must have told us all a million times on Thursday how 'me going dance class 'morrow!'

My Mum even made her a little bag for her ballet shoes with her name embroidered on. She took it to bed on Thursday night and spent most of her dance class with it clutched in her hands.

As Coralie is starting a bit younger than Phiney, we have joined the Mini Dancers sessions which means Mama gets involved too. It was so fun skipping round the room and getting to be part of the lesson with her. It does make it trickier to record however, but next week I'm going to anyway - because it's just too cute to not have video evidence of.

I don't think I'll ever forget her happy little face and she twirled and twirled at her first dance class...

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