Since the crazy busy times of Christmas and January, we've continued to enjoy (in the majority, at least) lazy and relaxed days round here. The weather has been cold, windy and often wet, but we get outdoors at least once a day...or else we all go a little stir crazy.

I love where we live. So close to the park, the canal, the little village and, because I'm a city girl through and through, the hustle and bustle of town. We love our strolls into the village for a quick scout around the charity shop and an apple from the greengrocers for Josephine, or slow walks along the quiet streets by house. Often in the morning, before lunch, and sometimes, when the weather allows, in the late afternoon before dinner.

The low, winter sun still offering a bit of warmth, the snuggle of cashmere scarves and woollen coats and hats keeping the cold wind at bay.

Coralie happily watches the world go by, cocooned in her pram, whilst Josephine and I chit chat, decide on our favourite houses and collect little treasures we find along the way.

Gentle rhythms. My mantra right now. Nothing too crazy, nothing too stressful, nothing that takes too much of the little energy I have (sleep deprivation due to teething is the worst!) Just little trips out that, at the end of the day, make me happy; make our girls happy. Simple childhood adventures that leave them smiling, and leave the worries of the grown-up world far away. Remembering to let them be little.

ps. slowly but surely, I've been filling in a few gaps in this little journal. If you'd like to read, there's a post marking the anniversary of my Dad's funeral here, some pictures from our holiday last summer here, and some words about a very special day in St Ives here. xx

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  1. All beautiful, tear jerking posts. again, things I shouldn't have read at work. love you xxxxx