BITS + PIECES: valentine edition

1. Notes to my love.
2. A big bouquet for me and a little poesy for Josephine, from the man in our lives.
3. Josephine's card to her Papa.
4. Dressed for the occasion in heart print leggings and her little red hair bow. 
5. My present to Ben. This book (he's spent the whole evening devouring the pages) and a postcard I found so many months ago, that I can't help but smile at :)

I spent the day playing games with Phiney, celebrating the fact we feel a little better, and now Ben and I have just gobbled up an amazing burger and fries and munched a box of Maltesers. A lovely Valentine's Day indeed. I hope yours was too. 

And to my boy. I love you baby, now and forever xx


  1. awww i love the card she gave her papa!

  2. Like the look of that book too! Lovely picture, the card is sweet! Jxx