After living in moccasins over the summer, her first 'big girl' shoes (as Josephine put it!) caused a lot of excitement. Coralie just loves them and has beenputting them on and taking them off all day long - whether we're going out or not.

The first time she tried them on, we all laughed so much. She looked like a new baby deer, suddenly unable to walk again; the shoes appeared to weigh so much. She soon got used to them though and now runs everywhere in them...not much walking these days.

The last few weeks our favourite afternoon pastime has been to walk up and down our street, as the girls push their babies in the prams. Well, Coralie pulls her baby. I love these half hour strolls, backwards and forwards. Chatting, playing, singing.

I'm soaking up every second of our girls. Standing back and watching them be. Enjoying each moment of them at this age, knowing how fast time goes.

WEARING // Both Josephine and Coralie are wearing Coco and Wolf denim bloomers //


  1. Oh Nell they are just the most divine photos of your girls and their beautiful prams. You always dress them exquisitely.

    1. Thanks lovely. It is certainly a lot of fun dressing these two monkeys :) xx