As the girl's grow, I'm amazed and entranced by how their relationship changes and deepens and grows with them. As Coralie gets older and understands the games a little more, knows a few more words and is happy to play (rather than just chew everything...although a lot of that still happens!) our girls enjoyment of spending time with each other only deepens. It's a joy to watch, and to listen into their conversations.

To hear Josephine's high pitched voice as she talks to Coralie (in her 'speaking to a baby' tone) and witness all their impromptu hugs and kisses is the sweetest thing.

Sure there are spats and arguments and it turns out that Coralie is quite the pincher/biter/hitter when she wants to be (a second child thing? We've never had any of those things from Josephine!) but on the whole, the good far outweighs the bad and I'm so grateful for that.

On those occasions when the nights are disturbed (teeth!) and the days are long and weary, it's these magical moments that make it all worth while.

It's rare to get a photo of Josephine that's in focus right now - she really isn't a fan of having her photo taken at the moment and runs away instantly - so to get a photo of both of them still and looking at the camera is miraculous! And I adore it. I need to try and get one every month. Our new Monthly Portrait.