WHAT PHINEY SAID...and Coralie too.

More priceless, hilarious observations from this brilliant girl. And a first from Coralie too! I love these posts. Definitely some of my favourites...

"Is it tomorrow today?"

Josephine: "I don't like playing with boys."
Mama: "What about Oliver, Theo and Bertie?"
Josephine: "Oh, they're my best friends. I mean all the other boys."

"A shark came, but it didn't eat anyone. That would have been a disaster!"

"Mama, am I a cartoon?"

Mama: "You're so cool, my Josephine."
Josephine: "I know I am."

Josephine (pointing at a picture of Mama): "That photo is of holiday. Was it before Coralie was born?"
Daddy: "Yes, it was before you were born too."
Josephine: "Cool...now, I'm a cowboy."

"I had tummy ache because my tummy needed some sunshine. And a poo poo."

Mama: "How many fish fingers would you like?"
Josephine: "11. No wait. Let me think about this..."

"Mama, you always smell fresh."

Mama: "What's in the garden Coralie?"
Coralie: "Bird!"
Mama: " What does a bird say?"
Coralie: "Hello!"


  1. I love this so much!ade me smile on a drizzly day! The fish fingers one is my favourite! xxx

  2. Hahahaha. She is so dang funny!! and a liar, you always smell like crap...haha Jokes! xxxxx