Yesterday our baby girl started nursery, and it was a big day for all of us. Since she was born I've spent one night away from her (when Coralie was born) and only one full day, plus a few afternoons here and there. Now she'll be at nursery three afternoons a week; eating there, playing there, growing there. It's so strange to think she'll have a life away from me, and I won't know every detail of how she's spent her time and what she's been up to. I'm not ashamed to say that I was apprehensive and that, after I dropped her off, I shed a few tears.

But here's the thing; she LOVED it. She was so excited about going last week (all she talks about is going to school like her big cousins) and yesterday morning she was close to bursting with happiness that the big day had finally arrived. Once we got there, we had some cuddles, kisses and 'I love yous' but then off she went, without looking back once.

Ben picked her up on his way home from work and when she walked through our front door she was beyond thrilled at just how brilliant it had been; about all the fun things they have to do there and play with (it really is the most awesome place!) about her new friends, the lovely ladies that work there and how completely awesome it was that she got to go back today. My apprehension melted away and I am just so happy for her.

She was asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow last night, tired out from all the fun and games.

Today was as equally as successful. She was so tired, but came home with the biggest smile on her face and more tales of brilliant times. And so excited that she gets to go back again tomorrow.

The beginning of such a wonderful adventure. We're so proud of you, our darling little Josephine.


  1. It really is the beginning of something ... sending them out to the big world without you. (And it's SO much easier to do if they love it.) Yay, Josephine! Kellie xx

  2. So pleased that she loves it! It sounds like an amazing place. I can't wait to hear all about it. xxxxxx

  3. That's great that she loves it so much! How wonderful for her and how nice for a mama to know her girls is having a good day elsewhere. X