I love Easter. I love the food, the chocolate, getting together with friends and family, the crafts, the chocolate, the warmer weather and promise of spring, the chocolate...

Ben also tends to have a nice long holiday from work and our 10 days with him at home were so lovely. Just hanging out at home and in the garden, a few little adventures and plenty of fun times.

Easter Sunday especially was such a lovely day. It was so good for all the family to be together, smiling and having fun, after my Grandad died. I know he would have loved to have seen everyone happy, especially all the children. Family was the most important thing to my Grandad, and I think that in someway he was there with us all that day.

Ben entertained the children for ages with thousands of bubbles, and the Easter egg hunt is always a highlight.

Happy days :) I hope you all had a lovely Easter with your families too.

Apologies for the slew of photos...just so many lovely ones that I want here in our journal. So many portraits that show the little ones' personalities so sweetly :)


  1. Oh Nell your photos are exquisite - you've captured so much joy and your family look so happy and lovely. x

  2. Such beautiful photos, Nell. Kellie xx