11 months old. Nearly a whole year.

Coralie, our darling girl. Always so happy, so so happy. So thrilled to be able to move around so quickly these days. Crawling, shuffling, walking alongside furniture. Even briefly standing by yourself. And as quiet as a ninja all the while.

You are enthralled by the world around you and, since the weather has become warmer and dryer, adore heading out into the garden with Josephine and Daddy. You gaze upwards, always, as you sit in your pram. Pointing to the sky and the trees above you. Pointing all day long.

You finally have some teeth! Hooray! Two have popped through (one of your top 'fangs' and a bottom tooth) and two are so close.

You make 'woofing' noises and say dog, you give cuddles and kisses to anyone who wants one and your hair is getting curly.

You love to dance, and if we sing or play music, you shimmy your shoulders, fling your arms and shake your bottom with unadulterated joy. And of course you'd happily play with Josephine all day long (if she let you!)

Over the last week, and over the coming weeks, I'm weaning you and our breastfeeding journey is nearly at an end. You've taken to the bottle without bating an eyelid, but I'm sad this beautiful experience is nearly over. What a wonderful thing it has been.

It's hard to believe that this time next month you'll be one. It's crazy. Lunacy. I want to freeze time. But I'm also so excited to watch you continue to change and grow and see more of the little person you'll become. It's so awesome being your Mama, such a privilege.

We love you sweet Coralie xxx

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  1. Can't believe Coralie is 11 months old! She is completely lovely (wonderfully dressed like her big sister) and so blessed to have such a good family :) xx