Today our girl turns three.

Time is going so fast and this birthday seems quite momentous. I know so much will change this year, as Josephine gets older, and it's only the beginning. She's just started her dance classes and after Easter she will start at nursery, three mornings a week; then next year it will be school. I dare not even think about that!

I have felt a little teary at how quickly Josephine is growing up. I want her to stay this age forever. To always want me by her side, to spend her days with me, for me to know everything about what has happened in her day. I plan to drink up every moment this year, more than ever. These little ones of ours don't stay little for long, and I don't want to miss a second.
Beautiful Josephine, you made Daddy and I so proud as you floated around in your little dancing outfit. And how you joined in with the class almost straight away. You make us proud everyday. You truly are the most wonderful, funny and brilliant child. How lucky we are to call you ours.

We hope this year holds fantastic adventures for you darling, and that you continue to grow big and strong and healthy, and lovely as ever. Although, you will always be our baby.

We love you more than words can say.
Happy Birthday tiny dancer xxx


  1. She really is your Tiny Dancer! I love her so much. Cant believe how quickly she is growing! xxxx

  2. How did our babies suddenly get so big?! I've loved watching Josephine grow and blossom under her beautiful parents wings :) May her year ahead be happy and blessed xx

  3. Oh, have mercy. She is precious!