The beginning of the week was the laziest few days we've had in a long time. And they were glorious. Making plans and seeking out adventure is a wonderful thing, but so is lazing around indoors, while it's freezing outside, and spending hours building train tracks and snuggling under blankets watching Disney movies and reading and dancing and drawing.
Soaking up every second of our babies. The best kind of adventure.
I plan on doing a lot more of nothing with these girls in the coming weeks and months. And I can't wait.

ps. their little hands in that first picture. Oh, my heart!


  1. They are such beautiful girls :) Sometimes I find myself longing for rainy days to do just this

  2. We all need more "nothing" times! That's where real joy and creativity comes :) Beautiful photos of your lovely girls xx

  3. So sweet! These photos remind me of the polaroids of us sat on the bed when we were little. xxxx