Last week my lovely friend Ash and I took our girls out for a walk along the canal, to one of the prettiest parks in Bath. Despite the threat of rain, the sunshine broke through the clouds and warmed up the afternoon perfectly so Josephine and Aoife ran round the section of Sydney Gardens we'd claimed as our own while the Mama's sat back, soaked up the sun and enjoyed a chat.

Our babies have grown together and it was so lovely to see them play so independently and happily. It was a glorious afternoon.

The girls and I ran round the grass before settling on the bench for a rest when Ash went to fetch us some hot drinks from the Holburn Museum's cafe, where the guy that served her remarked on how seeing the children play was 'like watching memories being made'. 

I love afternoons like this. Where a little walk turns into a wonderful few hours of discovery and fun for the kiddos and inspiring and supportive conversation for the grown-ups. The coffee shop dude was right, for sure.

Photos taken on my iPhone


  1. Ah, by a mile my favourite park in Bath. I've such happy memories of Dexy seeing his first train whoosh through there when he was in his Thomas phase!! It's where we take our post dinner walks/bike/scoot during the summer months, maybe we'll bump into you :)


  2. What happy little friends!