Right now, Josephine is obsessed with colouring. At least three times a day she'll take my hand asking 'Mama, colour?' and lead me to the drawer where we keep her notebook and a bundle of colouring pencils.

It kills me when she lays on the floor, paper in front of her and carefully picks a pencil before setting to work on her masterpiece, with such serious concentration. It's things like this that really reflect what a little girl she has become. Not a baby anymore. 

A few days ago, Josephine had taken her colours and hidden behind the table, when Ben and I discovered her exploring a new canvas. Her little naked leg! She chuckled as we questioned what she'd done, clearly very pleased with herself. Oh, how we adore our little artist. 


  1. oh what a sweet little artist! it is oh such fun watching the creative soul in our children emerge! xo

  2. The last two shots are priceless - her expressions say it all.

    "Is this...not something I'm supposed to do?"
    "You seem to be cool with it. I'll carry on then"

    And I'm sure you hear this all the time, but gosh she looks so much like Ben!