SWIMMING: our little water baby

Tomorrow is a big day for Josephine. It's her first swimming lesson. Phiney has always been a water baby. Loved the bath from the moment she got in it, and is so confident splashing around in there now. We're hoping that this love will translate to the pool, which we're lucky enough to be sharing with our three friends and their babies in a rather lovely hotel on the outskirts of Bath. Just us and the teacher for an hour a week for the next seven weeks.

Tomorrow is also a big day for Mama and will be the first time I wear anything remotely resembling a swimming costume since I had Josephine. I bought this one specially (note the ruching around the tummy, cup support and always flattering black colour choice) as it screamed 'I only recently gave birth and am really not that keen in showing off my soft and stretch-marked tummy' in the shop, and so instantly grabbed my attention.

Actually I'm not really bothered about the stretchmarks. My tummy was pefectly smooth until I was in labour - really, Ben said he saw the marks pop out during one particularly full-on push! - and now they're a reminder of all the hard work I put in to get Josephine here. Plus Ben doesn't care at all and, since the removal of all bikinis (heck, I wasn't that bothered about them anyway) no-one but him will be seeing my tummy from now on.

We're all so excited about tomorrow, so I'll be sure to report back on how it goes. I'm hoping the teacher has an underwater camera (apparently most do) and we come away with a picture resembling Nirvana's Nevermind album cover...


  1. i love to visit your blog . . it's great watching the way she grows through your pictures . . hope you have a great time in the pool ! :)

  2. Sweet. I love those underwater pics of swimming babies, can't wait to see yours.

    If you want to feel better about your stretch marks you should see mine! I am a road-map :)

  3. ha, i love the way you describe your new swimsuit :)

  4. i got stretch marks on one side of my belly with quinn, and then tate took care of the other side. they don't bother me one bit actually, but i cried my eyes out the night the first one appeared. oh, and i love a girl who takes her time losing the baby weight. x