Some pretty, new pieces have found their way into our home lately...

1. A lovely vintage tin and gorgeous paisley eiderdown courtesy of my sweet friend Laura. With baby number two on the way her nesting has kicked in and she's having a big clear out. Luckily for me.
2. The beautiful scarf Ben bought me from a little boutique when we were on holiday. I love him and I love presents.
3. An awesome find of a jumper that has been patiently hanging in my wardrobe for many months now, waiting for autumn. And now it's here...hoorah!
4. Another holiday purchase in the shape of a little woven bracelet. It reminds me of sweetcorn, which is always a good thing.
5. I love finding pretty postcards in art gallery gift shops...these were the only good thing about an otherwise disappointing trip to Tate St Ives.
6. My sister and I became addicted to visiting Cornwall Soap Box when we were on holiday. So many delicious smells, so little time. It's hard for me to resist the fragrance of Christmas though, so this candle was a must. I can't help but take off the lid and inhale!


  1. I want treats! Lovely items, especially having the smell of christmas- perfect any time! Xx

  2. Really loving your blog right now, chick! x