A pop of colour for what have been a few rather grey days.
* some colourful bowls in the kitchen
* a bright little basket that hangs in the bathroom, housing some random bits and bobs
* the threads I'm using in the sampler I'm making (check that off the 10 for 2011 list!)
* these eggcups ensure breakfast has never been so happy

Over the last week I’ve been focusing on the colour in my life. When there are so many people around the world clouded by the darkness of grief and destruction it’s time to reflect on how lucky I am in so many ways. From the things we take for granted, like shelter and warmth, food and water, to how blessed I am to feel love everyday from and for my friends, family and most importantly, that boy of mine. Who fills my life with sunshine no matter how dark it is outside.

It’s so easy to be consumed by the small things sometimes and this week, this year, I’m striving to let them slide. To cherish what I have and not be so bothered by the things I want or think I need.

So here’s to the fighters out there, those who have been lost and the heroes that are emerging everyday through the tragedy. You’re in our thoughts. xx


  1. What a lovely post - Well said!!

  2. ooh! colors! focusing on the color is a must for this time of year...i just noticed how GREY the grass all is...grey...yuck. there's not even any snow or frost out here...what?!

  3. You are exactly right. I'm also trying to put my little negatives away this year and remember how lucky I am and so far so good!

  4. so glad you are finding joy in the little things....

    on another note--where did you get those egg cups? they are darling!

  5. Cuuuuute egg cups! It has been sunny here in San Francisco, it is not hard for me to look on the bright side! Great post.

  6. such amazing words, thanks for them :)

  7. perfect words - love the splash of colour...

  8. Love all these! All those colours are so cheerful!

  9. Well said. We should all take note.